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    Fan Reviews:

    Posted by nebula:
    I totally agree with Ndogg and Sempronius. Very well said!

    Posted by Greg:
    I listened to a few of their songs. I agree somewhat with the post that said all their songs are the same guitar chords rearranged. But, pretty much every rock band uses that formula. Some just disguise it better than others. Kryptonite has a real catchy groove. Can't really say the same for the other songs. Drums could have been recorded a little better too. They're going for the "natural", not over produced sound on the drum tracks. But, they just don't sound that good. All in all, I think they're a pretty good band.

    Posted by felix:
    first of all the kick a*s, and if u say the suck you people should theenn do better that they do...they are the most listend group in the radio and have sold millions of record so f**k off you su**ers.......3 DOORS DOWN ROCKS I REALLY LOVE YOU!

    Posted by Babar:
    i cant believe someone in thw west can sing such a song touched me the voice poetry everything made me cry so much... suits on Eddie love it wen he says//"im here without u baby...but ur still on my mind"

    Posted by D.C.:
    What are you waiting for, huh? WHY AREN'T YOU ARGUING YET?!

    Posted by D.C.:
    WANNA ARGUE?! LET'S DANCE, HOMIE!!! actually, I like 'em too, but anyways, let's GET IT AAAWWWNNNN!!! (this's fer c j)

    Posted by Tails:
    3 doors down ore three doors down??!!!

    Posted by Tails:
    love you ol!!! i like 3 doows down very you now sonic heroes...thads a great game and 3 doors down is great too :)

    Posted by Tails:
    do you hate everything nd?! wel...i'm dutch and i'm 10 sow i can't speak englische very good... bad most importand is thad i'm a big fan ;)

    Posted by Tails:
    'this band is cool you now...the dont sucks..there hot... i'm the bigs fan ever!!!

    Posted by nd:
    i hate everything

    Posted by mike:
    i love erin manning

    Posted by Fal.:
    Three doors down isn't my favorite band in the world, but what right have any of you to throw around comments like "They suck!"? I have respect for them as a music group, and they must have SOME talent if they have been able to grow so popular. I happen to enjoy them every once in a while, and if you all wish to throw around comments like "They Suck!", You'd best be able to back it up with something, OR be able to do better than them.

    Posted by demon:
    3dd is gods music! no, i dont go 2 church but who's ta say i cant believe. I LOVE 3DD!

    Posted by c j:
    im back

    Posted by buster:
    like bb we think your great people and your music is great!!!

    Posted by mr. informative:
    before you put your comment read all the stuff everyone else has said.

    Posted by c j:
    it has been about four months and no one will argue.

    Posted by c j:
    you guys suck you wont argue with me

    Posted by c j:
    remember me?

    Posted by Mistress Vanessa:
    My husband is in the military, and we have both bonded with each album, "Away From the Sun" was realeased right after his first, long deployment. He is in Iraq now, and Three Doors Down is still as comforting to me as it was then.

    Posted by murph:
    and you know what? i never said they were using the same exact chords at the same exact times, i said they use a lot of the same chords..doesn't mean all of the songs are the same, i'm just pointing out what i've noticed, and no, i dont' work at mcdonalds, and no i don't buy NME magazine

    Posted by murph:
    away from the sun-f c am g be like that-e g dm c am be somebody-c g am f em behind those eyes- sounds lik an am c and g? here without you-bm g d a kryptonite- bm a g here by me- g csus am bm c don't tell me i dont' kno wat i'm talkin about

    Posted by nerdo:
    my name is craig and i am a NERD well that is what the people at school call im actually really cool though and does anyone know what 2+3*564389*422/6 is

    Posted by c j:
    please i have been sitting here for two weeks and i am bored as h*%l.

    Posted by c j:
    if you dont argue with me i am going to .................................................................................................

    Posted by The Coal-Man.:
    As a professional musician I find murph's statement and others funny on so many different level, out of over a dozen 3DD songs I have the sheet-music for, none of them are using the same chords, and even then the sound of the chord is dependant on the key used, if the guitars are 1/2 stepped, and what notes they're harmonised with, they should think before they speak total BS about stuff they have no idea about, (for example the B and G chords are often linked together in harmonising to make dual-chords or base-enhanced chords). I'll save you further humiliation, but only because I know you probably work at McDonalds and think you know everything about music 'cos you buy NME magazine.

    Posted by murph:
    3dd is good, but i wouldn't say they are the greatest band ever, however, if u like that genre of like, rock/alternative then 3dd is a good band, but deffinetly not the best out there. they do use a lot of the same chords too, mainly the b minor, g, a, and d. they're not my favorite, but i can listen to some of their songs

    Posted by c j:
    they are awsome i only said all that so someone would ARGUE with me

    Posted by c j:
    im getting mad

    Posted by c j:
    four days

    Posted by c j:
    ive waited three days and no one will argue

    Posted by c j:
    where are you

    Posted by c j:
    here wusse wusse wusse

    Posted by c j:

    Posted by c j:

    Posted by c j:
    i know your here

    Posted by c j:
    where are you

    Posted by c j:
    is anyone on this site

    Posted by c j:
    i came back now argue

    Posted by c j:
    you guys are wusses im leavin.

    Posted by c j:
    oh come on

    Posted by c j:
    someon argue. please

    Posted by c j :
    no one wants to argue. well why i told the truth

    Posted by c j:
    i dont know how they call themselves a band

    Posted by c j:
    they suck

    Posted by pete:
    have you noticed that most of the postings that are favorable towards 3 doors down are from females (and most likely pre-teens) this is no coincidence. 3 doors down is as bad as any of those dime a dozen boy bands such as n'synch and the backstreet boys. i'm sure 10 years from now noone will remember or give 3 craps for this ultra-lame and unoriginal band. they absolutely blow-ass!

    Posted by jessica:
    iv always liked 3 doors down their music is great and they r all super hot so they got it all

    Posted by 3 doors down rock:
    At first i didn't like 3 doors down but after i went to bayfest and saw them i can't stop listening to there music.I hope to see them again some time really soon!!!

    Posted by 3 doors down rock:
    I love 3 doors down so much there the best band in the world i think brad is so hot!!!No one could ever be hotter then BRAD ARNOLD!

    Posted by Buster:
    I used to like 3 doors down. Then, I realized that I am not Gay. They are horrible and I only listen to them when I feel like wearing rainbows.

    Posted by RaouL:
    3 Doors Down Rocks!!! Best band. 1st Album best as usuall tho didn't really like this second. STill the first rox, all songs are without flaw, truly great

    Posted by OXXX:
    FU JAY, LIZOS,RICK RUFHAUS,GUARDLAN OF THE IVORY GATE,SEMPRONIUS, NDOGG, LORI,AND CORY TYLER,STEVE & EBIN. they did a different expensive video for "without you" but they instead decided to make it a tribute to the soldiers. and for you who hate american music, why then it europe and asia completely obsessed with our musicians and bands and fashion and EVERYTHING? you guys are the copy-whiny-cats. 3DD kick ass!

    Posted by Kittn:
    I like that alot of their songs have some similarity because thats how one distinguishes themselves from others. when theyre on , you know its them. Its stupid when people say that they just use the same guitar cords because its like saying theyre using the same voice. duh! i love them no matter what. theyre good people not nasty people that swear every third word like rappers. they have the perfect mix of calm music and head bangin' and everything in between. whoever doesnt like them suck! i love brads voice cuz i just know its him no matter what. all the other whitboy bands sound exaclty the same.

    Posted by Nancy:
    3 Doors Down Rocks!!! I'm from Holland and I love them. Great band, I love Brads voice, it's amazing. Some of my favourite numbers are; When I'm gone, The Road I'm On, My world, Changes, Father's Son, Loser, Be like that, Here without you .... I could go on and on! Love them!!! They ROCK

    Posted by JaeCoLi:
    3 Doors down is the best band in the world!!! I love their music so much!! I live in germany and 3dd aren't that famous here, but i saw them once on stage and they just ROCKED!! they are going to have 6 concerts here this year and goddamnit i'm NOT allowed to go on only one!!! But that is my biggest wish right now!! Because Brad is soo sexy!!

    Posted by Stevedebin:
    Wow Steve, Ed, and Ebin said it all.. those guys are dudes w/ some taste in music.. They really nailed it w/ the catchy metaphors and cliches.. 3DoorKnobsDown should really pack it in.. They suck.. another cheap flash in the pan "the record company owns me" band...LEARN HOW TO ROCK!

    Posted by Eddie:
    Wow Ebin said it all! What a genius he is. 3 Drawers Down chew nuts.

    Posted by Steve:
    Umm yep .. I agree w/ Ebin.. They Blow. And not balloons.....chunks

    Posted by Ebin:
    Uuum .. anyone who say 3 dorks down SUCKS...IS RIGHT.. MANUFACTURED BOY BAND GARBAGE AND THIS IS FROM A PERSON WHO @ ONE TIME THOUGHT THEY MIGHT BE GOOD.. with the Kryptonite song.. And then they just sold the "frigg" out.. It's "OFFICIAL" CRAP!

    Posted by nit@_Goth Gurl:
    the Bozo shut that fuc king mouth of yurs 3 Doors Down is the greatest band and if yur not a fan then u could fuk off

    Posted by sunshine:
    i think 3 Doors Down are very good! very talented to. and all of you that don't agree on my point. stod saying that they suck. 'cause if YOU think they suck, you think so! that's not mine or anyone else buzznies.?! can't you just please stop talkin' bad stuff about them! ps. Staind are good to! (please be nice)´ :)

    Posted by MS Fan:
    I love the rock sound,the Guys are great artist.

    Posted by The Bozo:

    Posted by nicole h.:
    i love 3 doors down, they rock, their the best evvverrr!. 3 doors down i love u!x3

    Posted by nicole h:
    i love 3 doors down they rock, and i cant wait until there next cd comes out! i love them so much, i think brad is so hot,and he can sing so good they are all so talented,and i listen to them everyday, they kick @$$ and if you don't like them you can kiss my a$$! 3 doors down i love you.!

    Posted by Nita:
    bizkitboi youre lucki i cant say bad words to you they just send me a note that i was saying bad words

    Posted by Nita:
    bizkitboi youre lucki i cant say bad words to you

    Posted by Nita:
    bizkitboi 3dd arent old and why dont you go suck linking park and sun 41s digg anyways linking park and sum41 are getting old too oh and you need to go to the park get it linking parkkkk one more thing you write like a geek i think youre a geek

    Posted by Nita:
    Lori your stupid and dum why do you say that 3dd is boring if i saw youre name on 3dd message board and you said that 3dd rocks and all those nice things about 3dd

    Posted by Nita:
    everybody that says 3dd sucks youre the one that sucks bigggggg harryyyyyyy balls.3dd you dudes rock keep on the good music

    Posted by Nita:
    all the dudes that said 3dd sucks then why are you in this website. you dudes are stupid

    Posted by joy:
    I love 3dd, the music is awesome, and brad has a great voice. can't wait for the next cd.

    Posted by Nicole H.:
    i love them so much they rock

    Posted by NICOLE H:

    Posted by NICOLE H.:

    Posted by NICOLE H.:

    Posted by nicole:
    i am pissed off now!somebody is using my name to say something wrong about 3 doors down i love them and i love their music and somebody is eather using my name to say something OR they might have toe same name as me but nicole H. loves 3 doors down and is totally obsessed with them and loves there music!.they ROCK! AND BY THE WAY I POSTED MY NAME 5 DIFFERENT TIMES ON THIS SIGHT I LOVE 3DD, AND THE OTHER NICOLE ON THIS PAGE, THE ONE WHO HATES 3DD SUCKS AND SHOULD PUT THERE HEAD BACK! INTO HER RECTUM! FU B###H

    Posted by like I'd tell you...:
    Three doors down SUCKS. All their music is the same guitar chords rearranged. Their music takes no talent to make. They are one of the worst bands, along with linkin park and staind.

    Posted by Nicole:
    now that I've removed my head from my rectum, I realize that 3 doors down embodies everything that is wrong with contemporary rock music. they do, in fact, SUCK

    Posted by me nicole:
    ilove 3 doors down i can't get enough of them you can't not like them there ausome, and brad is so hot i love them!.

    Posted by Jena:
    I went to your concert and it was the BEST! It was my first concert and I loved it! I already want to see Them in concert for sure! Our Group had so much fun and I only have their Cd in my cd player! It is the absolute best!

    Posted by Alison:
    Hey everyone! Let me say that 3 Doors Down is the absolute best band out there. I saw them twice in concert, and they put on a great show that really involves the audience. Their music just keeps getting better and better andhas wonderful lyrics. The music videos are very cool, and show how versatile a group they are and for my part I hope they are around for another 40 years!

    Posted by the same Nicole:

    Posted by NicOle:
    yep its me again i have to say FU JAY, LIZOS,RICK RUFHAUS,GUARDLAN OF THE IVORY GATE?,SEMPRONIUS, NDOGG, LORI,AND CORY TYLER because these people suck.i hope you all die 3DD haters! fu!

    Posted by Nicole:
    yep, its me again i have to say 1 more thing so here it is, ok, to all the 3 Doors Down haters, F#CK YOU!3 DOORS DOWN ROCKS AND KICKS A$$, there music is ausome, Brad Arnold is SOOOO HOT!3 Doors Down doesn't give a damn about the HATERS!the hatters must have some mental disorder or something if you don't like 3DD.I LOVE 3DD, AND BRAD IS SOSEXY!

    Posted by Nicole:
    I LOVE 3 DOORS DOWN.they are so talented. Brad is sooo sexy, I love him. there music is ausome, i love it, i listen to them everyday, I have soooooo many favorite songs of theres. I love you 3 doors down keep the music commin

    Posted by clarkdaddy:
    Alright, as a guy, im not gonna talk about how sweet they are. But as a guy and a musician, I think they rock for bringin back the 80's, with all the tube amps, and whinin solos, right of respect for these guys right here, keep it goin

    Posted by Jay:
    THEY SUCK!!!

    Posted by lizos:
    you fuc-king americans just dont get it? your music is lame as everything else you produce. just stop trying and die away

    Posted by Lacee:
    When I first heard the song "Here Without You" I cried. It reminded me of how much I missed all my friends and love who were oversea's fighting their asses off to protect our country. Because of the harsh conditions many of our soldiers are coming back either wounded physically or destroyed mentally. Knowing that a band can relate to something like that is so comfoting. Also their song "When I'm Gone" relates back to the soldiers and all the stress they feel and how some of them tend to believe no one will ever know who they really are or how they really feel. The lead singer has an amazing voice and the acoustics are great. Anyone who doesn't realize what they've done for American society is either brainwashed or just hasn't woken up yet. Thank you 3dd you rock!

    Posted by Rachelle:
    I took my 13 year old daughter to her first concert, to see our hometown boys 3 Doors Down. I have to say it was the best time we've ever had together. The concert was great, and we now have a wonderful memory to cherish forever!

    Posted by biggest fan:
    3 doors down is the best!! they have the greatest singer, he is just like a southern-fried version of eddie vedder! i dont like pearl jam tho cuz their music is too complicated. I especially lyke how 3dd uses patriotic imagery in their videos to make peppl lyke theri music they relly are american heros

    Posted by Amanda:
    I luv ur guyses song "Here Without You" It relates to me a lot because im away from my mom, and she dedicated it to me!! I luv it, and i think you guys are the best!!!

    Posted by Rik Rufhaus:
    These guys suck ass. they are talent-less, boy-band whiners! get off the stage !

    Posted by jen w:
    mike i love you some much i would do anything just to live closer to you sometimes i try to sleep at night but i cant b/c all i can think about is you and how much i love you i love you more then my words or any ones wrods can express you mean the world to me and it hurts me inside when we are apart and even when we are together i miss you i love you with all my heart and sole i hope you read this its the only way i can express my feelings to you i love you now and forever!!:(

    Posted by cody s:
    i am in love with these guys but if my gay b/f luke found out he would dump me on the spot!

    Posted by Jen:
    i love the song im here without you i sang it to my b/f and he cryed!! he lives far away from me and we are always apart and almost broke up b/c of the long distance but when i sang the song we stayed together!!! ANd now me and him have the best relationship! i love them so much i love you mike!

    Posted by *karLZstA*:
    u no what i L0VE 3 doors down the r the best band out their songs really mean something and that is true music... ok some ppl dont like it and thats you to them but dont spoil 4 the ppl who do they ROCK and some 1 sed there music souns the same ans that they should change it but u no what if they did that then they would sound like every otha band and we dont want that we want 3 DOORS DOWN we love u.....

    Posted by Lori Hungate:
    The song "Here Without You" really hits home. After the sudden death of my sister and murder of my brother and now my divorce this song just reaches my soul. I wrote a song today that I would give anything if 3 doors down could put it to music. If anyone knows where I could send my music to them write me at I simply love their music.

    Posted by Tina:
    3DD is such an awesome band and an awesome group of guys. I love their music and lyrics. They make great rock and roll and are still able to have great lyrics. Brad is a super nice guy and is very down to earth. I hope they will be around for a long time and keep on giving us fans something to look forward to.

    Posted by nnnnnnn:
    # DOORS DOWN ROCKS!! They are way better than most other bands out there. rock music rules and these guys can play rock music. alot of bands can barely play these days-linkin park- all rock musicians are better than rap stars - a rap star has no talent - anyway 3dd rocks!!! Slipknot and Mudvayne SUCK!!

    Posted by *~gUaRdIaN oF ThE IvOrY GaTe~*::
    Theyre sweet? So is my f*cking d*ck.. GET SUCKING!

    Posted by *~gUaRdIaN oF ThE IvOrY GaTe~*::
    pathetic band.. poor MTV trash band. My granny with her newly installed (voice box) could sing better than these sissy boys.. These guys should have stayed in junior choir.. f*cking amatures

    Posted by *~gUaRdIaN oF ThE IvOrY GaTe~*::
    these guys would suck my d*ck if given the chance

    Posted by Sempronius:
    True fans of 3 Doors Down seem puzzled by the large contingency of people who believe that the band’s music sucks outright. I feel, that as a member of this contingency that I should try to explain this point of view. For me, listening to 3DD makes me feel as if I am drinking cold coffee, or spoiled milk - the band’s sound is sour and disgusting. First of all, every song sounds the same. Same tempo. Same twangy voice inflections. Same overused guitar filters. Same vocalist. Same instrumentation. If you cut from the middle of one track to any other, it would be difficult to tell that the jump even happened. Also, the guitarists refuse to "crack" their sound. This, combined with their refusal to add different distortion filters results in a boring medium-distortion monotone drone throughout every track of the CD instead of rhythm guitar. As a matter of artistic preference, the vocals are too overpowering, making the guitars and drums loose their power and effect. Lastly, the bass should be played more rhythmically, and with a higher-impedance amplifier. So, in summary: I don’t like 3DD because it’s sound is like a Ford Tempo, when I want to hear a Porsche.

    Posted by mbikerx:
    they rule, "Be Like That" especially! keep it coming!

    Posted by "vital" sucks:
    3 Doors Down rock!!!

    Posted by Captain Stupid:
    i just wanted to say that 3 doors down is the greatest band in the world! england loves 3 doors down!!!

    Posted by vital:
    i just wanted to say that 3 doors down is the greatest band in the world! russia loves 3 doors down!!!

    Posted by Ndogg:
    The annoyance that has brewed in me since first hearing the song, "when i'm gone" on the radio accomplished the unthinkable when I saw the accompanying video. The "unthinkable" event I am referring to is the exponential growth of disdain I held for this band *after* already being pummeled into boredom by simply listening to their music (I didn't think it could be done!!). While I understand the importance of "supporting the troops" etc, etc, I thought the video was a pathetic ploy at drumming up support for their music by tapping into the unwitting american public's vein of patriotism. Oh, but some might say, "hey that song is about being gone and missing your family and that's exactly what those troops are experiencing" blah blah blah. My response is this: The lead singer wrote that song in response to the lonliness he was experiencing while touring for the first album, and I don't care what angle you look at it, but touring for a freakin' pop album not to mention the pure financial motivation underlying such a lucrative endeavor is *ENTIRELY* different than U.S. troops going to another country to participate in a prolonged military action where they engage in *killing* other people whilst facing the very real possibility of meeting a violent and bloody end themselves. Correct me if i'm wrong, but last time I checked, musicians touring for their album weren't commonly met by gunfire on stage nor did they have to worry about the planes they were flying in being shot down. Nor does a rock band have any clue of what it must be like to question what could happen if the bomb their plane drops in a crowded city misses their target. Oh wait, I forgot..they're not in a combat zone so they wouldn't have to worry about gunfire. While their airplane might somehow drop their gold encrusted samsonite luggage on some poor b#$*tard on the ground, the group's private jet isn't going to be dropping 2000 pound bombs capable of killing anyone who might be at the receiving end of it. To make a long story short, this group's music has not a damn thing to do with the U.S. military or the war that has consumed so much of our interest, so in the future i'd much appreciate being spared the pseudo-patriotic garbage in exchange for a video that does something a bit more noble to gain popularity then diverting attention away from their lack of musical creativity through leeching off the emotions of people who actually risk losing their family members to a violent death in some foreign land

    Posted by Amricanpie2 l;over:
    i love three doors down, does any one know if they have a new album out ? email me at "

    Posted by Kelly:
    I luv 3 doors down! especially brad arnold he is so damn sexy and has the most beautiful voice. I woul do anything just to meet him. My favorite song b them is "Here without you" cus it reminds me of sum1 thats really special 2 me. If anyone doesnt like 3 doors down u must be f*&^%$ up in the head cus they r the gr8test! x0x

    Posted by Andre:
    I've seen these guys play live,they DO NOT SUCK AT ALL!!! they are great!!!! i saw their first ever performance of When I'm Gone!!! it rocks!!

    Posted by Jenni:
    Not only do 3 doors down have great music they are the sweetest guys from Mississppi!!..I met them last night...they did a private show n everything..n they were the sweetes..they played my fave song..."the road im on" is the greatest night....

    Posted by rya michelle:
    Im not sure who exactly to or who im writing this to but for whatever it matters and for anyone who thinks three doors down sucks.. I will start here... I am a military wife and my husband is going to go fight for the freedom of all americans.. The song When im gone is the only thing that keeps me strong for my husband to go fight and be away from me, and seeing the video of all the soldiers leaving their wives is an awesome tribute to a military life.. Im glad that someone in our country recognizes the soldiers for what they do..

    Posted by ummmm.....:
    omg . 3dd rocks and as i read this ...people saying that they suck and all of that, they should really be cheering them on becaus ei dont see them getting on stage and performing and getting fans that see them at EVERY concert! so i think even if u dont think they're the greatest you should think positive and say" hmm i have to give credit to 3dd, they've made a cd and have been in magazines and all over the media" so before u wanna critisize three doors down think of what they've done and they DO have fans so whatever u say wont hurt them because they dont give a damn about u if ur not a fan. they know that they're better and to break it to u i think whoever makes fun of them knows that 3dd is better then them too! but you fans U KICK A$$and keep sending in ur thoughts!

    Posted by ummmm.....:
    omg . 3dd rocks and as i read this ...people saying that they suck and all of that, they should really be cheering them on becaus ei dont see them getting on stage and performing and getting fans that see them at EVERY concert! so i think even if u dont think they're the greatest you should think positive and say" hmm i have to give credit to 3dd, they've made a cd and have been in magazines and all over the media" so before u wanna critisize three doors down think of what they've done and they DO have fans so whatever u say wont hurt them because they dont give a damn about u if ur not a fan. they know that they're better and to break it to u i think whoever makes fun of them knows that 3dd is better then them too! but you fans U KICK A@@and keep sending in ur thoughts!

    Posted by enforcer:
    3doors write good tunes and are a good alternative to all this hiphop faghop and rap crop

    Posted by Amber :
    I love them they are great

    Posted by marko:
    the song when im gone is great. none of this punk pop crap like sum 41, this is real music. u have bands like the foo fighters that r ok, and considered cool, but they r uninspired. this band could be something special so im waiting for the album.

    Posted by Patricia Hickman:
    I just love their songs. And people who don't like them must hear their album again. The Better life is the best album i ever heard, i can't wait for the next album,Brad has a great voice... Go listen to it!

    Posted by invizible creep:
    boring unoriginal like wading through quicksand and fighting for air in an ever crushing torrent of dire unoriginality

    Posted by cole:
    hey guys. I'm from gulfport, ms, and 3 doors down is just about all anybody listens to down here. 3 doors down is the best rock band in a long time. all their music is raw and meaningfull, none of that studio touch up sh*t. thats what i love about them, they also give an amazing live show. i hope they're around for a long time.

    Posted by Lori:
    This band is boring, unoriginal and uninteresting. Gee, we haven't heard anything from them lately...wonder why? Could it be because they have used up all their copycat, uninspired imaginations?

    Posted by Amy:
    it's only the best!!

    Posted by angel:
    Three doors down totally rocks, and if anyone disagrees with me Ill probably kill you or something, so watch it.Anyone who likes good music made and played by talented musicians should buy their album.

    Posted by Cody Wolverg:
    3 doors down ,kryptonie is one of the best songs i ever heard and one of the best songs of all time so who ever disagrees is a faget

    Posted by huh?:
    3 Doors Down ARE a good band because they have substance, which is what all musicians require. The have intelligent, meaningful lyrics and know how to play their instruments.

    Posted by Scott Rickards, NC:
    I'm 37 years old and love the music of 3 Doors Down. The music is reminiscent of the hard driving rock and roll that I grew up on that died some years ago. The music is great because it is not contaminated with synthesizers or electronic instrumentation. The band has mastered the basic instuments of rock & roll-- guiter, bass and drums which require talent to play-- Something we are seeing less of in music today. Do I dare say there may even be a refreshing hint of southern rock flavor? Keep up the good work guys! Looking forward to your next album.

    Posted by Yoko:
    Earl, I love you!


    Posted by alot of monkeys:
    Man who ever doesnt like this band doesnt know what rock is slip knot sucks @$$ and so does anyone that sounds like them.

    Posted by Anna :
    Three Doors Down is a great band, I hope they stick around for a long time. Oh yeah, and Hanson rocks, so f*ck off chisa!!!

    Posted by Skewer:
    3 Doors Down is not a good band. They lack something all bands need; i.e. talent. But all you really need is a catchy song made in a studio to get famous nowadays. And you can suck live too and still get rich. Go figure, these guys are lucky. And they also seem to rip their intro's off other bands.

    Posted by Angela:
    I LOVE BRAD ARNOLD!He is such a good singer and drum player. He is Also so cute!I Love three doors down!

    I hope these guys go a long ways,and I can't wait until their next cd comes out. 3 Doors Down kicks @$$!!!

    Jess Lee
    Three Doors Down KICK @$$! I saw them in concert and they ROCKED the house! I love Brad!

    I love 3dd especially Brad!Iwould give anything to meet him!Hope they come out with another cd soon!

    CoRey Tyler

    love the song kryptonite, but am confused about the use of the word in the song, isn't kryptonite what took superman's power away? if so, i'm confused about the lyrics. "super human mite, kryptonite" it seems to be opposites. can anyone help clarify this

    chisa(a.k.a Bradlvr066 and kryptnfrk66)
    3 Doors Down rox!..U rule! they're way cooler than Hanson...HANSON SUKS!! Brad Arnold is very sexy! I luv his sexy voice. My fave song is ''Kryptonite'' I get high as superman when I hear that song!

    chisa(a.k.a Bradlvr066 and kryptnfrk66)
    3 Doors Down rox!..U rule! they're way cooler than Hanson...HANSON SUKS!! Brad Arnold is very sexy! I luv his sexy voice. My fave song is ''Kryptonite'' I got high as superman when I hear that song!

    these guys are ok. they are not that good, and i think that they are getting kinda old. they should make way for better bands like linkin park and sum 41. AND F*CK YOU SLIPKNOT, I MEAN SLIP-DICK!

    tina lee
    i'm from pascagoula ms. and are really proud of the guyes and hope that their fame continues . these are some really great. can't wait for more music from them and hope all their dreams come true and good luck guys. and matt if you read this i'll tell your mom hi for you at work .

    3 Doors Down is the first Rock N' Roll band of our Milennium that has a tight construction of their musical sound. The moment you hear th CD you know that this is a group that believe in their music and putting together the best quality of music ever. I think they are a great band and the CD is awesome. I can't wait to see them at the ROSELAND in New York.

    3 Doors Down is the best band out there. Brad Arnold is HOT. There just the best!!!!

    ummm they are ok but not the greatest. its a good sign that guitar rock is coming back we just need better bands then this one


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