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    Fan Reviews

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    Fan Reviews:

    Posted by stormloss:
    As a Metal-Head (a Power-Metal and Black-Metal fan, not a Nu-metal fan) I myself also I love her work, her kookyness, her individualism, a lot of black metal heads respect her because of her Norse roots, no one can match her of late, Scout Nibblet comes close.

    Posted by arfoo:
    ever since i saw her first video on alternative nation, via m-tv, human behaviour, i have been hooked on her. i have hundres of photos, music, and videos. i guess i am a bjorkaholiv!!!!

    Posted by Mr. M:
    I am a metal fan and I absolutely adore Bjork. I mean simple words cannot describe what her music makes me feel. My story with bjork is quite funny, when i first listened to Bjork I felt like her music was trash, apparantly I was just too young at the time to understand her music. A year ago I decided to give her music one more try. I could not believe this was the music i despised. Incredible, amazing, astonishing are just a few words I could use to describe her...

    Posted by Minama:
    re: TheTourist Maybe its because I'm not a metalhead, but I have to agree about Dancer in the Dark - easily one of the most affecting, powerful films I have seen in a fair while. She is an incredible talent when it comes to acting, well deserved praise for it, would like to see more....

    Posted by Flying V:
    I was about eight(I'm 15 now) the first time I had seen Bjork on the 'Human Behaviour' music video. I was afraid of some of the stuff I saw on the video (like the giantic teddy bear) and had feared Bjork for quite awhile. I eventually forgot about the whole thing (until I watched the video years later.) Then in '97 I saw another music video of hers and had grown to like her. I love Bjork's unique sense of style and how she doesn't care what anybody else thinks of it either! Her music blows my mind away everytime I listen to one of her albums (Post and Homogenetic are my favorites! ^-^) She is just amazing and she is definatly one of the best female artists out there!

    Posted by boylogic:
    Saw Bjork at the Royal Opera House, London - paid over 200 quid for 2 tickets - Worth ten times the ammount. Unbelievable. Surely the best female artist. Ever. Homogenic and Vespertine amazing.....bu where next?????

    Posted by brittnie sattler:

    Posted by digdeeperdown:

    Posted by Bodoni:
    Never has someone been as captivating and beautiful as Bjork in concert. The concert in LA at the Dorothy Chandler pavillion was the highest point of excitement ever in that venue. She created an enchantment that exploded over the entire audience. The full orchestra lifted the experience to new heights of emotional crescendo and if any audience member says they weren't moved, I'd question thier emotional state or they had crappy seats. Seeing Bjork in concert live is a life time experience not to be missed. Ticket prices, though high, were worth every magical moment!

    Posted by 4:30 Boy:
    I just saw the Bjork show at Radio City Music Hall and I must say it was very disapointing. Very slow show. At no point was the crowd inspired. Bjork needs to return to her roots and get away from the phase she is currently mired in.

    Posted by Deviated Rectum:
    From the first time I heard Birthday by the Sugarcubes back in the mid 80's, I knew I was listening to something special. I followed their music closely. It was artsy and a bit pretentious but in such a fun way that it really didnt matter. And this band was made by one component, their odd elfin lead singer Bjork Gudmundsdottir. So when news came out back in 90-91 that Bjork was finally releasing the solo album I had been hoping would appear. I was excited to see if it truly was only her. It sure was her debut "Debut" was a fun album, some music to dance to, some that let you just enjoy this truly unique voice and all of its little quirks and facets. It was a good album, but great no. That happened about 3 years later when "Post" was released. To this day it remains one of my top 3 albums. From the quasi-industrial Army of Me to the ethereal finish of the Tricky inspired Headphones. It is one of those albums that like a good book takes you on one hell of a journey. Bouncing from industrial (Army Of Me) to Latin (I Miss You which owes more to Cuban-style masterpieces than Menudo-style trash) to Big Band (It's Oh So Quiet) to classical harp playing (Cover Me) and on and on. The cover album "Telegram" followed and was somewhat like Kraftwerk giving Devo a once-over, but was enjoyable due to its absurdity. That seems to have marked the end of Dance Hall Diva Bjork as her next work "Homogenic" went on to grander things. Featuring the Icelandic String Octet (I think, but cant remember specifically) Homogenic was like a soundtrack to an aerial tour of Earth. Put that record in, sit back close your eyes and listen through it in a silent room or outside at night. It paints more pictures in your mind than MTV has in its putrid 20 years. And now, days after buying "Vespertine" She has moved on to an altogether undescribable style. It is the first time Ive listened to an album the first time and not even bothered to check the title of the songs playing, because I quickly realized it wasn't necessary. Vespertine is fairly raw in its production, which makes it a true album in that you are hearing the songs, not a producers interpretation of them. And these songs are the closest things to heaven i think ill ever witness. They are beautiful. Now some of you reading through this may agree with my opinions of her, some will not. Some will think im an effeminate guy, but im not. You see what makes her special is that she has been able to reach people like me. the 6' 200 lb. guy who grew up on New York Hardcore and Late 70's Punk. If you go to her shows, youll see an assortment of varied people unlike anything else. The big Tattooed guys like me will be there, The little candy-kids will surely be there, some hip-hop types will be there, im sure youll see a FuBu shirt or two in the crowd, and so will some businesspeople, mothers fathers, grandparents. This is good music, not everyone will like it due to some of the aforementioned quirks, but for those of you who understand what a musician is. Give this singing-writing-playing woman the credit she deserves more than any of her female contemporaries. Plus I've met her in Reykjavik (lived there a few years) and shes a decent human being, and just as odd in person as youd expect her to be. But still, millions love her with abandon. If that doesnt make sense to you, listen to her it will soon enough. Oh the movie was good too, depressing but good.

    Posted by TheTourist:
    Bjork is about as genius as they come these days. Absolutely brilliant. Only others like Elliott Smith and Thom Yorke come close. Dancer in the Dark was incredibly, as was the soundtrack, Selmasongs. This seems to be more of a "metal-head" page, so nobody really likes Bjork it seems. If you all liked music you would like Bjork.

    Lo Calzo Nicola ITALY,turin
    I WOULD LIKA KNOW BJORK! ILOVE YOUR MUSIC BUT I would like howmuch her words have the same mean forme!!!


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