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Linkin Park - Reanimation
Review by antiGUY

Linkin Park - Reanimation
Label: WB

You really have to question Linkin Park’s motivations behind releasing this CD. Are they following in Limp Bizkit’s footsteps by repackaging their songs to make some extra cash from their fans? Are they trying to milk their debut album for all it’s worth instead of delivering new music? Or is this an honest attempt at giving their fans a new look at some songs they already know and love in a different context? 

A lot of people were hyper critical of Linkin Park when they hit the scene. Some went as far to call them a boyband with guitars. I actually enjoyed “Hybrid Theory” and gave it a positive review when it first came out. I thought they did a pretty good job on the album. I don’t go in for the rapping all that much but the rock side of things made a positive impression on me, the songs were well written and had the requisite hooks and melodies and for a group of young guys it was an impressive accomplishment. That being said, I was surprised at how popular this group became. While I thought the album was a good first effort I never expected it to become a run-away hit, it wasn’t that good! Nevertheless, I don’t begrudge Linkin Park their success on “Hybrid Theory” and their popularity hasn’t changed my opinion of the music, which I still enjoy. 

The problem with this collection of remixes, aside from the lame spelling of the songs, is that the group took out all of the elements of the songs that lent them credibility as a rock band. Instead, they opted to go the p.diddy-Fred Durst route and take the rock out of the mix and bring on the hip-hop, which is fine if you’re a fan of hip-hop but it also stretches the limits of their credibility as a “band”.  These remixes make them sound more like a studio created “group” that lends credence to those who accuse them of being a boyband with guitars, except you really don’t get the guitars here instead you get the tired remix hip-hop treatment that has made millionaires out of those who have the skill of splicing song elements together and packaging it with canned drum machine tracks. It’s a bit disappointing and really does give full to Linkin Park’s critics who accuse them of trying to milk their success for all it’s worth before their core fan base moves on to something else. 

Who should buy this CD? Those who liked the rapping and more urban side of “Hybrid Theory” and also like remixes. For those who are into the band’s more rock focused side, you should avoid this CD at all costs because it comes across more as puff daddy hip-hop butchering of Led Zeppelin than Linkin Park retooling their own songs. 

It can be hoped that when Linkin Park returns with a new studio album, said to be scheduled for release sometime before year end, they will see the trend that leading a path away from rap-rock and focus more on the rock, like so many other prominent rap-rock bands have with their recent releases.  But if this remix CD is a preview of where Linkin Park is heading, then I for one will be disappointed and will inevitable loose interest in them. Again it boils down to your taste in music. If you’re into hip-hop then you will find some of these remixes appealing but if you’re into rock and were able to overlook the hip-hop on Hybrid Theory, then you are in for a rude awakening here because you can’t ignore the hip-hop because it’s not simply mixed into the overall sound here, it is front and center. We’ll have to see if this gamble pays off for the group but if this trend continues we’ll have to take the rock out their rap-rock label. 

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Fan Speak:

Posted by LPmunkeyboyDWP:
linkin park are the best band in the world they motivate me all the time + there great songs 4 driving round it makes me crazy linkin park has been loved by the world ova ther such an inspiration to look up to to range ther music on jus the way youd expect them 2 b (linkin park u rule neva split)

Posted by Omerta:
Well I like some of there songs. I'm not their biggest fan but I wouldn't say they suck either. No body really said any bad crap its just someones opinion, so don't getty all pissy about it. Aside from that issue I really liked the first album but the more hip hop style kinda drew me away.

Posted by LP4LIFE !;!:

Posted by LP4LIFE !;!:

Posted by jonas cawston linkinpark it never goes away:
It never goes away it never gos away it never goes away get away from me

Posted by jonas cawston linkinpark it never goes away:
Du Du hast DU as bich Du HAs NIch and Som DU DU Hast nich Du Has NIch and Some IN THEY END IT DOESNET EVEN MATER DU HAS DU HAS DU HAS NICH DU HAS NICH AN SON Du du has du has nich du has nich and som be live what you know reap what you so youknow Du du hast du hus du has nich an sum du has bich du has ill never forget du du has du has du hus nitch du hus nich an sum do hus du haus i think im falling out of reach du hues du has it an som du has the biggust du hust du hust du hast it and sum du has du ust its hosit an som du haust it and some nicht du hot du hot dut hot nich and som du hust bicth du hus du hus it an some ill never forget du haus it never goes away du hust it and som du has du has du has it an some it rocks it aint fun du has it du hus nich an som du has du huas dohas im the biggist fan youknow du hast it an son du hast bich du has im never gona win linkinpark LINKINPARK PREVALS

Posted by Evan:
Why does everybody hate linkin park so much? it brings the best of both rap and rock together and describes what everybody is feeling

Posted by LinkinParkFanatic:

Posted by billy:
if you dont agree with us your just wrong they rock

Posted by *Speaking For Yourself*:
If you never knew... Try listening to it through... i listened to it over and over... it really touches me:(... sounds crazy but it's true! Try yourself... And LP didn't mess up this one anyway. (^_^) LP are the greatest band in the whole wide universe... There just an awesome band that really connects to people including me. Just the way they sound, and the lyrics. It's a new kind of music. Electronica/Rock/Hip Hop... all come into Alternative Rock. In Linkin Park's style that is. Nobody can acheive that sound except them. Have a look at Breaking The Habit, the music video. It's really Linkin Park replying there messages saying Where Listening. People coming up to them and saying your music has really helped me though situations. Well take a great think about what your saying...

Posted by Somebody?:
Lol!... Oi "LP FOREVER" Person... You'll just have to wait and see how many BLOODY fans LP has! And reanimation is such a excellent album. I love Hybrid theory, i love Reanimation, I love Meteora... and LINKIN PARK IS THE BESTEST BAND IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!... I know alot! I MAY BE WATCHING YOU!

Posted by jabba:
yo sup dudes. i know all the words to every song on hybird an meteora. i just herd Reanimation for the first time and i loved it lp rock!! if u wanna chat with me my email is

Posted by LP FOREVER:
I just want to say that i am from saudi arabia and there are not too many fans for linkin park but i think it`s the best rock band in this time.linkin park rullz!!

Posted by the real thing:
the hybrid theory cd was good.and the reanimation cd,i guess, is good too,in its own rights.while a rock fan would be disappointed with a more hiphop orientation on the album,its a good piece of work.If you are a producer you know it right,its been mastered credibly.some of the rappers that are featured are big names if you really know bout the underground hiphop culture like rasco,evidence,pharoahe monche and all.The tracks krwling, hivoltage etc are great.The problem though is that it does not completely please a rock fan the sameway it doesnt someone thats into rap.But individually the tracks are well done and linkin park deserves certainly dont lose if u buy the album though.

Posted by CLERiC:
i ddnt hate any of thier songs till now they r the gr8st rock band u can ever see .. and if u dont think so then u are a FREAK

Posted by kulikitaka:
Linkin Park rocks but Reanimation sucks!(hey i rhymed!) i love hybrid theory but reanimation was the one of the worst cd's ive ever heard. they dissapointed me but meteora is really good.

Posted by lynchingacers:
i think there first album was good to but then they came out with reanimation and meteora and i didint like it because it sounded too much like rap

Posted by Paion Wyodo:

Posted by Kleene:
Linkin Park is the best band of the world! their songs are the best of all and those guys who don´t think so are idiots!

Posted by lpchick:
First of all if u dont like LINKINPARK then u can go 2 hell they ROCK i love all of their songs and 2 all the people u need 2 shut up and quit talking crap about LINKINPARK!!!!

Posted by big daddy:
i think u can suck my dick ight bitch

Posted by tweek:
i like certin songs on reanimation but that's as far as it goes .the song my dsmber is good,buti'm not a bigfan of the hole remix scene.

Posted by John Campbell:
I think that this music is fu%@#ed up.

Posted by klara:
Linkin Park .....Oh ,guys just get a life , &stop talking about stupid park

Posted by Kyle:
I think the album was great and the author of this article is out of his mind! The mix of the rap and rock characteristics was just right.

Posted by Melissa:
I really liked Reanimation. I'm more into the rock side of their music, but I like the fusion they'ev created, and I like that they've collaborated with so many other artists. It may not be a completely uniquie idea, to do a remix of one's first album, but, in Linkin Park's case, I think it worked for them.

Posted by kaz:
Ok, dude I was trying to keep it kewl but i just read something posted here that I didnt see before, Someone named Alkalai typed in somethin that made me want to throw up, it really pisses me of that you were talking about LP that way and the things you said about chester and mike, you dont know sh#* about them so shut the hell up if I knew you were id kick your a$$, dude seriously if you hate them that much then dont f*%#ing say anything online about it cuz now your gunna have alot of people cornering you about it and you should watch were you say that crap.

Posted by kaz:
I love every linkin park song I dont care if its a song on hybrid theory or a song on reanimation to me its not about what type of music it is its all about how the music makes you feel, Linkin park is my favorit band and will always be and i think they are very dedicated to their fans and thats more than I can say for a lot of bands out there and as a member of lpu I will stay dedicated to them. I think that for all you people out there who dont like them well its great that you have your own opinion but if you listen to like one song and dont like it so you decide to not like the band well thats pretty f#%*ed up because you havent even gave the band a chance you need to figure out who and how the band members are themselves and not just judge them by one song because ill let you know right now that they are some of the coolest, sweetest, nicest guys if youd just give them a chance, LP rocks.

Posted by bloodthug:
yo thiz is 4 all tha guys in linkin park y'all are tha sh*t n i respect u i finally found a rock group i like n u know i'm all bout rap n i respect u guys tha most f*ck ur music inspired n helped me when i waz depressed n lonely so thankyou n remember 2 always stay real one y'all!

Posted by LP guru:
linkin park RULEZ! although meteora, hybird theory n hybird theory EP were better than reanimation but reanimation is still worth buying

Posted by LP Lover:
I LOVE Linkin Park! they kick A$$ I Love Mike and Chester! who ever thinks they suck has no good tast in music your just mad that they have a better talent than you !

Posted by LP Lover:
I LOVE Linkin Park! they kick A$$ I Love Mike and Chester! who ever thinks they suck has no good tast in music your just mad that they have a better talent tan you !

Posted by Linkin Park's #1 Fan:
I dont care I Like ALL their song Linkik Park kick butt and always will! Linkin Park rocks hiphop,rock,rap it dosn't matter I LOVE Linkin Park peace!

Posted by Hicas:
This is good stuff, Linkin Park is the only band I listen too. Reanimation, although not as good as meteora or hybrid theory, is still worth buying. Critics are such a pain in the posterior.

Posted by linkin park:
thanks zaynah.well zaynah the linkinpark fan.tell your bro the code and you will be able to get our numbers.see u soon!

Posted by linkin park:
thanks zaynah.well zaynah the linkinpark fan.tell your bro the code and you will be able to our numbers.see u soon!

Posted by linkin park:
thanks zaynah.well zaynah the linkinpark fan.tell your bro the coce and you will be able to our numbers.see u soon!

Posted by zaynah the linkin park fan:
linkinpark is 1 of the heavist band i have listen 2!!!other music isjust crap.every time i am angrey or upset.i put linkinparks music on and the music chears me up.i and my big bro have a huge collection of linkinparks music.they i just nag!

Posted by zaynah:

Posted by Sum1:
Great! LP rules!

Posted by how are you:
i'm find

Posted by angelne:
and i'm not talking o u guys i'm talking to the paragraph in the top

Posted by angelene:
i think your wrong linkin park s the greatest band out there there all rock the rapping with the rock is called rap metal music u stupid idiots,kiis my butt

Posted by Negal:
Reanimation is great. The remix of Forgotten r0x.

Posted by semin:
think LP it's ok not to good n not to bad but my friends r u like these guy ,,,,soo stupid my friend like mike childish huh

Posted by gina / vampiress:
i liked hybrid theory. i respect rap 4 its beats ecspecially the way LP mixed it in there songs. on the other hand im not a big fan of rap alone and i thought LP needed to get off of their lazy asses and write accual music because i hated Reanamation... ALOT!!

emo at its finest!!!!

Posted by hockeypimp:
They bring the shiznit to hockey. they like a drug. Peace

Posted by marleen:
Only if an album is great you can make a great remix-album and it´s pretty obvious that HT and Reanimation are awesome!!!

Posted by marissa:

Posted by MSG:
Look, if you are trying to make a good argument at least read over what you write. You come across as a total ass when you don't even bothe to type out the whole word. For the record, Linkin park sucks. They are jsut one of the many bands out there that pillage other genres and whine about life. Get over yourselves, Teenage angst bands suck.

Posted by Aliya:
Just wanted to clarify that that whole comment wasn't directed at DeadSun. It kinda proceeded to get general after a few sentences.

Posted by Aliya:
DeadSun, I had respect for you up until I read what you had to say about Rap. I mean I'm a Linkin Park fan but your points seemed valid and you went beyond Linkin Park Sucks! which was nice. However, just because you don't LIKE the rap genre, does not mean that you can hate on Linkin Park for using it. Rap is music. Not in the traditional sense of the word, but in the abstract and futuristic sense. Just like dance is any movement of the body, rap is poetry to a beat and thus music. Just because you don't change the note that you're rapping at, does not mean that it's not music. Furthermore, Linkin Park never tried to me a metal band. From the beginning they were adament in mixing their genres. If that means that some people like the rock aspect and not the hiphop, well.. go listen to a band that is just rock. And don't go near Reanimation because it is focusing on the hiphop element of the band, and that's not a bad thing. If you don't enjoy the rap element, just wait until the new album. And as for the 'white rapper' comment. Music shouldn't be about race. If there are other talented rappers out there who aren't 'black' they should be given equal respect. There is just so much I could say, but... it's just not worth it. Because in the end, everyone will reserve their own opinions and have the right to voice them. Just try to be more articulate in arguing each side.

Posted by jonh:
Linking park sucks

Posted by Diana A:
Linking Park RULES! I LOVE YOU and your songs

Posted by DaFluff:
There are a lot of people on this board with good points to make, I personally loved Hybrid Theory and when Reanimation was first released I was disappointed. Since then however my tastes have changed and now that I tend toward more hip hop orientated music I prefer reanimation. As someone who listens to many different styles (most not available in your local super-chain Dead-sun! Though its nice to see that you're eloquent in your arguments) I am impressed that Linkin Park can do such sterling work in such varied styles. Bottom line though is that if you don't like hip hop you probably won't like reanimation... unlucky for you, why not listen to Hybrid Theory instead!?!

Posted by arnold:
LinkinPark is a really awesome band.

Posted by dukey3:
whoever thinks linkin park sux is prolly never heard them man there so aswome

Posted by kaylins number 1 fan:
i love LP Kaylin you have some great points.we shud get married.

Posted by cheesewhiz:
LP sucks

Posted by linkinfreak:
linkin park is the best F*cking band

Posted by Kaylin:
you are such a critic, you have posted as even "fred durst" on this site and everyone who has even a mere opinion gets beefed.Its nice to kno....

Posted by DeadSun:
Flattery will get you everywhere, Ms. Kaylin. Admittedly, that people enjoy listening to LP is NOT what "arouses my dander". Rather, it is that many ( NOT ALL )of these people, who I also encounter in "reality", lack any sense of musical "roundedness", historical perspective, or possess any music which cannot be found at your local Super-Chain store. They are, essentiallly, the lowest common denomimator as musical consumerism goes. I hope this doesn't happen to you. Anyone who associates food with kinky sex DOES NOT deserve such a bleak existence. On a side note---why is it that you do not post elsewhere on this site? Sniff around. There's something here for everyone. This is DeadSun, signing off.

Posted by Kaylin:
Wow...this is getting crazy...I like it tho..and I think deadsum kicks a.SS

Posted by DeadSun:
Phew...that was a new place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Posted by DeadSun is momentarily possessed by your average Linkin' Park fan's spirit:

Posted by Krazy 1:

Posted by kaylin:
Lets see~ I made about 16 entrys in is dumb a$$ thing and I have to agree, I loved Hybrid theory and I did NOT like reanimation when I first heard it, but now its totaly diffrent. I listen to the reanimation disk a lot. I hope that their new meteora disk will make a better FIRST impression.

Posted by Music Critic with a BRAIN (u gotta get 1 too):
Linkin Park started out great . They made fantastic music and they had a unique style but recently they are becoming really boring . Espescially after they launched their new album -Reanimation. I think its time they give the music business a break .

Posted by ESRA:

Posted by will:
linkin park are awsome musicians who are perfctionists their music is amazing and reanimation was very well done...i for one enjoy metal rock and lp is very fiting music for me. LP IS THE GReATEST BAND IN THE WORLD!

Posted by kaylin: crazy.....Im hungry

Posted by Fred Durst:

Posted by DeadSun:
Mmmyess, fascinating. Remember though, this board is about Linkin' Park, not you...AW-IGHT?

Posted by Fred Durst:
Dey AW-IGHT. Dey don't bring the tight azz sh*t dat Limp do, but dey AW-IGHT.

Posted by DeadSun:
Why, really IS YOU!!! So, what do you think of Linkin' Park?

Posted by Fred Durst:
I like pie, too. And bacon, and steak, and cheese, and butter, and candy bars, and ice cream, and Twinkies, and mugs of hot chicken gravy to drink, and Mickey D's, and 48 piece buckets o' KFC, and the stuff left over from liposuction procedures too, and children, and tiny woodland creatures... I'm hungry, go'n git me sum sh*t, homey. That'd be phat...yo...

Posted by kaylin:
food and a linkinpark CD makes some kinky sex....

Posted by Tony:
i like pie cheese ham bacon and steak...and putting in a Linkin Park Cd and just eating... hey isn't that funny im listen to linkin park as i speak or... um type

Posted by DAYYMMM:
DAYMMMM Linkin Park is crazzzy, I will buy any of their albums, they will all be awsome! HELLZ YA! DAYMMMMM

Posted by DeadSun:
Contradiction in practice: It is a waste of bandwith to criticize music and bands and post it on the Internet. I "remedy" this by criticizing the people who criticize, and then I post it on the Internet. How about that!

Posted by LPBiznatch:
A) I hate cheese balls who make a site like this to WASTE bandwidth on critizing music and bands. B) If you dont like a band dont be a P*SSY about it and act all bad C)I personaly, enjoy their music and even if the band is a "feast for the eyes" Chester sure can belt and with a combination of everything eles they kick bum. Their new CD is comming out this March and I hope it is a good one

Posted by RS FAN!!:
Re-animation sucks!! RAYZING SONS is an actual ROCK band from L.A. that does this genre' THE RIGHT WAY!!

Posted by DeadSun:
Dear "Jay" and "Mike": Correct; Mixing beats and OPERATING a turntable may be tough, I personally know this. However, putting together a stage set for a Broadway musical is also tough- but that doesn't mean your playing music. If you are challenged by DJ'ing, I don't recommend any form of guitar theory, real drum kits, Bass involving strings, pianos, etc.- as it is my understanding they are a "little" harder to master even the basics thereof.

Posted by DeadSun:
Let's sort through a few things. First: most of the LP fans posting on this sight should be thankful they have THINKERS like "System" and "Salmonjunkie", who, agree with them or not, can actually ARTICULATE their points beyond "they're hot", "LP RULEZ!" and "F'N LINKINPARK KICKS @#!". I find their half-music stlye less than impressive. It is hip-hop- plain and simple, dressed up with guitars. Now, if anyone can point me to the reference guide where Samplers and Turntables are listed as MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, I will gladly yeild that Rap is music- but there is no such book. Therefore it is not music, it is ENTERTAINMENT- don't confuse the two. It is therefore not a stretch of the imagination to understand why LP is, like it or not, CURRENTLY popular among people with a penchant for MAINSTREAM tastes- it's easy to "head-nod" to, has a few insipid insights, and is not SONICALLY complex to grasp. Let's see who's crying out "LP RULEZ!" twenty-five years from now. Let's see how much stamina and longevity they have, artistically speaking. I know where my bets are falling.

Posted by kaylin again:
Linkinpark rules and thats all the matters

Posted by System is a Tool:
You can't compare this peice of crap to Hybrid? Wait isn't this a remix of Hybrid? Are we supposed to compare it to Metallica then?

Posted by Old Fart from the 1980's:
ooohh look at me, i'm an old 1980's rocker who thinks he's just TOO good and TOO superior for Nu Metal. Well i don't know maybe i'm just TOO narrow minded for my own good towards Nu Metal, maybe a little bit TOO negative? NO wiat make that a little TOO much negative for my own good. Hell maybe i should stop listening to the same old stuff everyday like Slayer, Metallica, Pantera, Van Halen and Led Zepplin, then maybe i woulden't be TOO bitter because my faverate bands aern't that popular anymore or thier just burnt out, or is it because i have TOO much of a problem with popularity with all these good Nu Metal bands bieng popular and all? Maybe i should stop telling all these troubled kids to stop listening to all these Nu Metal bands that they relate to so much because they relate to thier typical Nu Metal lyrics, hell maybe stop making fun off them and i really should get off there cases for having such sh*tty and misreble lives anyway. Just because it was cool to be an A$$hole during 1980's doesen't mean its cool now. Man maybe i should start listening to some Nu Metal bands like Taprroot, maybe some Staind, How about Godsmack? All thier lyrics are desighnd to get the anger out of the system, if i accomplish that then maybe i woulden't be TOO negative, TOO narrowminded and TOO bitter for my own good. Hell it might evan turn over a new leaf in my life and start showing some positivity in my life. Then maybe i woulden't be stuck living in a trailer while having sex with my sister. I should just jion the real world because thats just how it is these days.

Posted by ?:

Posted by Kaylin:
Im scared Im gonna get yelled at fro writing that one. lol. And System I agree with you!

Posted by kaylin:
you know what? All of the people who are complaining about the record SHOULDNT BE LISTENING TO IT! Yea, this is the antimusic site and people have the freedom to say what they want but the people who do enjoy linkinpark can't deny the fact that it pisses u off when ppl go off saying that linkinpark's "hip hop" Its called HYBRID! wow

Posted by System:
Hmm, I meant ReAnimation in that first sentance.

Posted by System:
The point of Hybrid Theory was to tread new ground and fulfill a much different side of Linkin Park, in my opinion. Linkin Park blended beautifully the smooth lyricisms of Mike Shinoda with the harsh, emotion filled rages of Chester. Throw in some amazing bass lines, unbelievable guitar riffs, and a nice solid drum beat and you have a terrific rock album. However, this album isn't a rock album. It would appear to me to be alot of a learning curve, as well. The CD may have alot of Hip Hop elements, but they also have a good deal of different Rock style elements; see Jonathon Davis [Korn], Aaron Lewis [Staind], and the front vocalist from Taproot whose name escapes me at the moment. Overrall you cann't judge this CD in comparison with Hybrid Theory - it's comparing Chopin to AC/DC. Two very different styles that are very good at their own game.

Posted by salmonjunkie:
The thing with Reanimation is it's a hip-hop record. The production is hip-hop, even on the songs that don't feature guest MCs. Also knowing that this is mostly a production by Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn (the hip-hop elements of LP) then you should come into this album expecting a hip-hop album. So really, whether you like Reanimation or not really depends if you are a hip-hop fan or not. That being said, I love this album. Don't even put this into P.Diddy and Fred Durst, because they couldn't put together anything this refined, hip-hop, rock, pop, or otherwise. Some of the remixes are better then the originals IMO. How can you not like the sweeping emotion of the new version of Crawling? Now, it's ok if you don't like this album. That means you're not that big into hip-hop and hey, to each his own. But to even dare say this sounds like P.Diddy produced it only shows how little you know about hip-hop. If anything, it sounds more like DJ Premier meets Trent Reznor. Have a happy new year.

Posted by Billie:
I think Donna needs glasses Mike is not cute at all! Any ways Reanimaion was really good but not as good as te rest of thir CD's I would rather listen to Hybrid than Reanimation. I donnot like all the re-mixes of the different songs I liked the songs the way they were. Not all the reanimation Crap.

Posted by Donna may lie:
I think Linkin Park is Awsome, I would be lying if i said Reanimation was as wonderful as Hybrid Theory. I was very optimistic of Reanimation until i heard the CD. It's not great. Linkin Park, I think would do better of they worked by themselves instead of collaborating with a bunch of other rap artists, for the sake of US!! THE FANS!!! Look at Hybird Theory and Hybird Theory EP, they sounded great, and then there is....Reanimation, Major rap and R&B influences like THAT doesn't not work as well, Mike Shinoda alone is enough (he is so cute).

Posted by Donna may lie:
I think Linkin Park is Awsome, I would be lying if i said Reanimation was as wonderful as Hybrid Theory. I was very optimistic of Reanimation until i heard the CD. It's not great. Linkin Park, I think would do better of they worked by themselves instead of collaborating with a bunch of other rap artists, for the sake of US!! THE FANS!!! Look at Hybird Theory and Hybird Theory EP, they sounded great, and then there is....Reanimation, Major rap and R&B influences like THAT doesn't not work as well, Mike Shinoda alone is enough (he is so cute).

Posted by southofheaven:
I hate linkin park. They're a shallow, manufactured, rap/rock band bringing nothing new to music. Chester has a good voice tho, and he should probably ditch LP and go with something else, I cant stand that rapping asian bloke, he tweaks his voice so badly he's a joke live. Any band with a DJ cant be good. Oh - and the drummer's sh*thouse. So alla you 10-16 yr olds who feel LP are the best thing to come out since Blink 182, try expanding your horizons and wain from the mainstream crap a bit

Posted by Rob:
( That's my LP homepage...check it out...Remember LP Kicks A**

Posted by kaylins number one fan:
I think that Linkinparks hot. Me and Chester have fun...heehehehehe...ok anywaysss....LP KICKS BUM

Posted by kaylin:
I honestly think that Linkinpark Releases a mixture of many diffrent styles that makes them very unique. Not only do they have awesome rockin music but they are a feast for the eyes. Chester and Mike make the music sound awesome with two leads instead of one and DAMN they are hot.

Posted by Tom:
The reviewer obviously has a closed-minded feeling towards non-rock music. If you're an open-minded fan of rock music who isn't afraid of other music styles, Reanimation is an excellent companion to Hybrid Theory. I think fans of hip-hop would find this review offensive, as it suggests an album that "brings up the hip-hop" lowers the bands credibility. That's utter nonsense.

Posted by KaT:
I loooooove LINKIN PARK!!!!they are THE BEEEEST!!!!:))) the new album is cool!

Posted by Jay:
This reviewer obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. Reanimation was a great exploration into different styles. You just can't say that it was easy to make by using a drum machine because incorporating turntables, making beats and that kind of thing actually takes some talent and skill. I congratulate Linkin Park for this effort, and because of the great music they put out on their first cd. As popular as they've become, critics have been harsh on this band from almost the beginning. I just wish critics knew what they were talking about when reviewing a band like this. I think most critics don't realize that many people only read their ideas for entertainment value, and not for a heads up on whether they should buy a cd or not.

Posted by Mike:
I'm gonna have to agree with some other people on here... if you don't like it, don't listen to it. I liked the Hybrid Theory CD, but reanimation for exceeds it. I haven't even taken it out of my CD player for 2 months, every song on there kicks ass. Besides, what makes all you people think you have room to critisize them for doing something they obviously enjoy. And how many of you people talkin sh*t about them have actually tried mixin sh*t like that? You think it's easy. There was a hell of a lot of effort put into that CD and it shows.

Posted by upshut1:
mike iz cute

Posted by upshut1:

Posted by lee:
When i first put in the CD for the first time, i went straight for my old favorite (By Myself) I thought that the remix of this somg was absolutly amazing. I thought that the release of the CD was excelent, and i love hearing all the somgs, just differently. I think its great!

Posted by LPfAn:
Hybrid Theory was never a better album than this. I usually listen to a few songs on any CD but Reanimation I listen to all of them. Hybrid Theory was good but Reanimation is better!

Posted by LPfAn:
Fencik is right. We don't need more white rappers. However, I think this Cd was pretty good. There are a few songs that suck ass but i would give it a 7 out of 10.

Posted by Slik:
I think that they could make another CD before they make this. Because they're finishing so early they carreer.

Posted by Mr. Hahn:
The new album is released in March 2003, if you do not like are rap elements, than you will love this LP. It is the most rock we have ever included. Check It Out and Keep Loving Linkin Park

Posted by reanimated :
f*** you, tatooedwhiteboy! reanimation rocks!

Posted by T,Diddy:
I thin LINKIN PRAK r the best band in the world and they ROCK!!!

Posted by Guy from Cali:
I also think that Hybrid Theory is a better album than Reanimation. I think the people that are into this style of music want to hear more of a live band feel than a hiphop remix. For those that like the first album, look for a new band called RAYZING SONS. They are going to give L.P a run for there money. Their live show is INSANE!

Posted by a cool guy:
im not any sorta fan or nefin but some real hard work went into those lyrics and sound not happy with ur hair styles tho...(but they had to get their customer's eyes on em)

Posted by VILLANA:

Posted by Trippy J:
First CD kicked ass. This one is something different. With the exception of a few songs it kicks ass. As for all the flaming goin on here. Get a fu*king life and let people speak their mind without your 2 cents.

Posted by Max:
Some songs are ok but i hate FRGT/10! The rest are ok but Hybrid Theory is far more better.

Posted by Enigma:
I think L.P's reanimation is cooool and so was Hibrid theory. Tatooedwhiteboy you Mothaf&*cKa that was my fist that hit you, B&*tch!!! i think u need a phycho analysis you interlectualy challenged PiG

Posted by {x_0}:
~=~++#LiKe ThE MusIc THeN LisTEn 2 iT....If NoT,DoNt.....DoNT gO aRoUnD INsULtINg Ppl LikE tHaT

Posted by mattboy:
Uhh yeah, despite all the reviews saying, "hey dats not cool Linkin Park good," I would have to agree with anti. The music is drained from a thousand other sources, and so watered down by the hype of pop culture there's nothing left but empty rap material.

Posted by Paladin:
Some(3-4) of the songs from reanimation are cool, others are sucks...

Posted by ren:
I heard reanimation, and well....i'm torn. It's a love-hate situation with it. They changed the old 'classic' songs, but they added a lot more techno stuff to it, and since I've been getting into techno lately is the reason why I like it that much. Why do you hate the rap? WHAT DO YOU PPL HAVE AGAINST THE RAPPING?? That's what I love about Linkin' Park, their ability to combine rap and rock to form something totally amazing...a hybrid :p. The spelling is not LAME. They must be big anime or game fans(gameheads)(just look at the cover!!! it's some japanese mecha), because the type of spelling they used on the album is like l33t....some hacker code or something which i see japanese anime fans or gamers use..... ph3@r my m@d skillz!!

Posted by pimpo:
linking park rocks

Posted by G.E.L:
What's the matter with you?i love Reanimation just the way it is.If you don't like it,don't listen to it!I think it rulez.

Posted by k.a.i:
du verdmmter Hurensohn,leck mich an arsch, fahr zur holle, du arschgesicht, lutsch mein schwanz, du bastard, this means war you f;ckin' a$$.this means war SHADOW,you have to deal with a german you sh"thead

Posted by Didj:
Does anyone else think Linkin park are just like a cuddly version of Rage Against The Machine?

Posted by Istari:
Linkin Park is coming out with a new cd soon. It's going to be like Hybrid Theory. Even though I am a major fan of LP, Reanimation DOES SUCK!!! BOOO REANIMATION. They chopped the hell out of the best songs on the album.

Posted by Lexxius:
Man. u all really rag on this cd. Y do u all hate it? If u don't like it, don't listen 2 it. @*_*@ i love 2 listen 2 it.

Posted by Lexxius:
It rocks!! Listen to the music,if nothing else.

Posted by antiGUY_DONT_KNOW_MUSIC:
you retro stupid morons and punks. if punk music is so good why the heck hasnt it been popular?peopel who act "different" and "punk", are posers them selves. they just pose as DIFFERENT people. the only thing seperating from you and "other" people is ur stupid MUSIC THAST IT. that isnt much to say about ur PUNK CULTURE. ITS GARBAGE just like ur clothes!

Posted by Shadows:
Oh look k.a.i does have more than two words in his vocabulary! I guess he still needs help completing a sentence though. As far as 'f'cking myself, f'cking my family, and f'cking my neighbours' sorry little man but your mamma took care of that last night. Oh, and tell her thanks, my dog's got that spring back in his step again. Total Gore thanks for having my back while I was out, I'm picking up k.a.i's mom again tonight, want me to drop her off at your house when I’m done with her? But anyway, I stand by my point, this CD is a POS and a waist of money.

Posted by razjml:
Dominate, just wondering, what sort of rap do you listen to that makes you appreciate the album? Digable Planets, Justice System, Jurassic Five? Or mainstream trash like Nelly and Ja Rule and Missy Elliot?

Posted by lpfreakwithoutthecd:
Man..the cover for the Reanim cd is cool lookin..(yeah im a dork) but i havn't gotten hybrid theory wut should i get...(i luv rock/rap)

Posted by Dominate:
OMG!!! This isn't suppossed to be a rock album. If you looked at the f'n track listing you could have realized that. This is one of the best underground hip hop compilation albums EVER. You guys have no idea how insane it is to pull some of these artists together. And yeah, the production KILLS EVERYONE. This album is unbelievably good and although I hate it's on their old songs, it's remaster brilliantly. I listen to rock/rap and so I can appreciate this album. Most people who don't listen to rap can't appreciate what went into this album. To compare it to P.Diddy is offensive. P.Diddy could never do anything this could. This wasn't a remix, it was a reanimation. It was a completely redone album with GOOD HIP HOP influences. Mad props to Shinoda, he kills the mic with his lyrics.

Posted by cian:
hei man, u are unfair to this cd. it rulez man. i do like all the so-called "reanimate" ver. of the original lp's hybrid theory. conclusion: it rulez!

Posted by G.E.L:
I don't know what to think .this homepage exists so that we can write about linkin parks music,not to f$ck and s@ck ourself through the computer. so write your opinion only ABOUT THEIR music down ! By the way I like their new album no mather what others think !

Posted by silverfire:
i love both cds...

Posted by Total Gore:
k.a.i--Your mom sucked my dick last night you fÜckin' pÜssy.

Posted by k.a.i:
f'ck yuorself shadows,f'ck your family ,f'ck your neighbours, f'ck who you ever know motherf'cker, son of a f'ck you f'cking a$$, you stupid f'ck dont you ever mention my mother you f'cking .... f'ck you

Posted by SkinnySk8er:
P.S. If you actually listened a lot of the lyrics have been changed as well as the guitars. And the DJ had less to do with it than Mike who produced it. Even if you hate the CD you should realize that the production is awsome. I hate backstreet boys but because they made so much money they have the best producers and therefore have the amazing production, linkin park had a tight budget on this and produced it themselves and the production is great.

Posted by SkinnySk8er:
This album was is more than just a remix album, Mike (the rapper) went into the studio and put a whole mess of work in on this. They stayed with their ideas on mixing rock and hip hop and even took it one step further by bringing in some underground hip hop acts. But the most impressive thing about this CD is the production. This is a completely digital recording and the effects and clarity are the best in the bussiness. You arent going to hear anything produced this well again(especialy by a member of the band) for a long time.

Posted by genecarlovespaulo:
oh well..the best cut in the album is nothing less than with jonatahn davis..he just totally made it different!

Posted by anoynomous:
Oh yea and they are coming out with a new album, with new music this was just there to stir up everyone again.

Posted by }{ellsadvocate:
... Im sorry, i go out of my way to listen to any trance, rave and other kind of acid music out there. When i heard the new linkin park, it got me interested, though sure i was fed up with the sh!t, but if you listen, you can find the rhythums, im not into rap either, infact i dont listen to sh!t rap. But i enjoyed this, it was rugged and the music was present, loud, and also ravy. Fuc everyone who thinks they sucked. It didnt those who thought it did were people who are more into no doubt and sh!t. Im the kind of guy that would rather check out the offspring, and listen to trance. Instrumental, rave, trance, heavy metal, punk thats what i listen to. And frankly it was just what i wanted. PERSPECTIVELY to all of you that think otherwise.

Posted by Shadows:
I went out and bought Reanimation thinking that it would be like Hybrid Theory (not the best CD but good enough), I went home, listened to it and threw it out the next day. This CD sucks and anyone that thinks otherwise is just stupid... SpikeMinoda: your a moron, pull your head out of your a$$ and go F*ck your mom, ya stupid dush. EvilRockCHIC: can I give you one piece of advice? GET LAYED! Maybe you're ears will pop and you'll be able to hear how all the sh*t on this CD really sounds. eileen, same advice as EvilRockCHIC. TheMaster maybe "yall" should come out of your little hick town every once in a while and learn what music really sounds like, now go screw your cousin and quit bothering us. my mom doesnt smoke crack: Your a fagg, sure she doesn’t now but I bet she did while she was pregnant with your sorry a$$. JUST ME: go suck Spikes mom. Nish...: What are you two? Learn some English you moron and get some hearing aids while you're at it, this new CD blows. K.A.I.: the only thing f@cked here is your mamma, and as for them creating something new, have you listened to the CD!? it's all there old stuff chopped up. It’s the worst remix since LB. I agree with haha, you are all sheep giving all your money for remastered sh*t.

Posted by I'm sad, any Linkin Park fan should be too...:
reanimation sucks. i thought to myeslf when in the cd store, "hey its linkin park, it can't be bad." on my way home in the car i almost cried because the remixes had no rythm, chopped up the song, and took out much of linkin park's instrumental glory. its all the DJ and the dude that raps. please excuse me now i need to be alone, i have to burn my reanimation cd and hope linkin park doesn't make another like it...

Posted by haha:
K.A.I. denial.. don't even notice I am lying! you are such a sheep. they didn't create anything new some lame ass dj's and producers just added crap to the songs and remixed them, took no effort on LP's part and you were stupid enough to buy that regergitated crap.. ha ha ah sheeeeeepppppp

Posted by K.A.I.:
i don't know if anyone of you who are criticising linkin park can understand the esence of their new album, i mean, are your brains totally f@cked can anyone of you agree with the idea that they created something new? Of course i'm a bit disapointed of not creating any new lirics, but i belive that they have got a surprise waiting for anyone who cannot accept the new album they have created suck my ... By the way, hello mom.

Posted by Nish...:
hell ijus gt the nu cd n its so dam tite, its cool, rock is sweet n linkin park rocks! respect these ownz, they r rilly gud poets also...those lyric r sweeyt.....

Posted by SubXavier:
I hate the original One Step Closer, but the remix is pretty good. I haven't heard any other songs on the remix album, but I don't really plan to, either. By the way, am I the only person on earth who has never owned Hybrid Theory?

Posted by JUST ME:

Posted by Reanimated Reptile:
I Have No Words To say

Posted by you will obey me.:
sorry, i meant brain-washed, or maybe chester-washed.

Posted by you will obey me.:
rule, rule, look at me i'm brian washed. linkin paaaark!

Posted by tara:
linkin park is an awesome band who deserves their credit. their lyrics are hard hitting and true to life. they rule.

Posted by SMIC:
Spike is right about one thinkg Linkin Park IS not in any catagory of music. Music has certain qualities not found in anywhere in Linkin Park's concotion of regurgitated auditory assault. They are one big commercial for themselves and no more.

Posted by you will obey me.:
one day you will learn the truth my son. answer me this...if they are so talented, then why won't they give us some new music, instead of the old sh*t redone?

Posted by G.K.S:
In the End was a work of absoulete class. take out the rap just listen to the background keys and you would realise. I heard Krwlng and it is one of the most awesome songs ever. Songs like runaway with superb lyrics and pushing me away blended with the hard hittin pts of authority, one step closer and the enigmatic crawling and with you make hybrid theory one of the best albums ever created. I dream of making music like this some day man. Take out all the shouting all the noise and you will find cool melody. THAT's LINKIN PARK. And all you people who don't like their music I don't think you know what music is.

Posted by my mom doesnt smoke crack:
one word...make a new album don't remix the old sh*t. they had a good thing going, so give us some more. i mean come on chester, do you really think i want to suck on your d*ck after i just f*cked you. thats just wrong. some words of advice: if you want the world to be your apple, take a bite out of it. also try not to f*ck your grandma, its just not proper. (even if all the cool kids are doing it) if everyone's laughing at you check, you may have your head up your a$$. p.s. my mom tells me i'm normal and its perfectly natural to be obsessed with STP(i'm watching you scott) download sex type thing, interstate love song, or creep great songs. trust me, you don't want to dispute this i will find you and your family. and what i do with your internal organs won't be pretty.

Posted by TheMaster:
Linkin Park is a great band and Hybrid Theory was a great album and every song on that CD is good, Reanimation is good too, and all yall people who say Linkin Park Sucks beacause there rap now are dumb because Linkin Park have always had rap in there music since they first came out, and they just made Reanimation because they are still working on there next album, and the reason that Reanimation had alittle more rap to it is because they were "REMIXES", understand that!!

Posted by Alkalai:
Linkin Park is a horrible, horrible band. The guy with whom i ride to school with every day listens to them and I really want to jump out of the window every time I hear their pop-metal-bad-hip-hop crap. Take this for an example of why they suck so bad. Almost every song on their album has a chorus that consists of their singer screaming some 3 note minor-scale hook, and holding the last word while that pointless rapper guy says something retarded in a completely predictable eighth-note pattern. This is one of the endless reasons why Linkin Park sucks the biggest piece of sweaty butt that ever existed. I will keep you posted.

Posted by EvilRockCHic:
All you people that say Linkin Park messed up or has turned into n@ggers are so wrong...they only made the reanimation cd so they can have a remix cd andso they can have more time to work on their next cd so people won't think they are sell-outs which they aren' stop saying they messed up and sh*t!

Posted by EvilRockCHIC:
I think its awesome..i don't have the cd but i have heard alot of the songs on the cd!~Linkin Park is so awesome they will always rock da party!

Posted by eileen:
the members of linkin park are some of the most talented musicians we'll ever see. i give my respect and support to them for anything they line up in the future

Posted by f*** you:
yeah all it has been these past years with an exception of a few bands, are power cords and distortion to cover up your crappy guitar playing. it gets annoying when they don't bother to change their arrangements but ehh well thats their music and i have no say in it.

Posted by +36205346281:
My name is Gábor Tomori. Hi Everybody!!!

Posted by Greb:
Obviously, Spike here is a troll. There's no way anyone that stupid could ever learn how to type. Anyway, making a remix album is bad enough, but making one before you've even put out a second real album? That's just pathetic.

Posted by Dextre:
waste of time buying more comments

Posted by Southofheaven:
I heard someone say that no one can play guitar anymore, and i think its kinda true, there are a few expections but the whole idea of sexhot guitar solo's has been destoryed by guitarists shoving their guitars in deeper tunings and jacking up the distortion. Gimme old skool Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Sabbath, Maiden - all that over any of todays guitarists. Its all the nu-metal trend my friends.

Posted by Southofheaven:
I didnt mind Linkin park when they first came out, but their sh*t got old pretty fast, i cant listen to the CD for long cuz its all the same. I just wanna slam this SpikeMinoda clown, there is no way their music is innovative, and absolutley no way they've created a new genre or have any real musical talent. Sure chester can sing, but the band in itself is sh*thouse and boring, sticking to the same old drop d styled limpbizkit raprock no-talent guitar riffs. At least bizkit had a decent drummer, for the sake of music LP should be shot.

Posted by tattooedwhiteboy:
i think linkin messed up and now they sound like n@ggers

Posted by tattooedwhiteboy:
i think linkin messed up and now they sound like n@ggers

Posted by DRUNK N ROACH:
I like linkinpark i think they aight, they doin they own thing. I dont get why ppl get so ruthless...they are not rock, well they never consider themselves rock in the first place, they never consider themselves to be rap rock anyhow. At first i didnt like them cuz i thought they just like Limp D*ck, but it has more meaning than that. Linkinpark is very light compared to other bands i listen to but i dont know bout the reanimation cd, its just another way to cash out money...

Posted by noname:
If you like,listen. If you dont like, don't listen. Thats all there is to it.

Posted by lol:
This is funny. Someone actually called Linkin Park "some of the greatest musicians around?" There are some real morons in the world and it looks like Linkin Park's idea to cheat these dumbass people out of their money is working. Fools!

Posted by slipgun:
i think antiguy has gone overboard. his review of nonpoint is also too civil. this is a good album and the collabrators r all on the better side of hiphop

Posted by WolF:

Posted by Raven Seldon:
I think this album is a mistake (exept KRWLNG, 1STP KLOSR AND P5HNG ME A*WY), and I hope, that the next album will be more "rock-oriented".

Posted by aG:
Spike you need to go before a firing squad for your halfassed opinions. You obviously know very little about music if you think that Linkin Park are "some of the greatest musicians around". Liking a band is one thing but being so blinded by that afinity that you attribute things to them that do not exist is another. If you like them great but there is no way in hell that Linkin Park are the best musicians in the world. That is really comical. An to call them innovative to the point that they have their own genre? Have you listened to the music? How is it a revolutionary change from any number of rap-rock band? Are they one of the better bands in the genre, maybe but they aren't doing anything new that make them a category all their own. Get real! Attack me all you want but do it with real arguements not blind devotion to a band. Let's get real here.

Posted by SpikeMinoda:
Aight, here's my two cents, firstly the author of this article should be fired for his half-a$$ed review on this cd. Linkin Park is NOT rap-rock. They are not in any category of music except their own. The point of Linkin Park is to bring together elements of all music into one. Therefore Mr. AntiGuy they can't focus more on the "rock" side. Linkin Park is a band that has worked hard to achieve their status as some of the greatest musicians around. Not only did i like this cd, i thought that Hybrid Theory was the most Kik Ass cd in the history of ever. And on a final note, Linkin Park are not trying to copy other "rap rock" bands as u put it by making a remix album, nor are they milking their fans. they r showing their other side of music that is Linkin Park. if u didn't like this cd then maybe u should reconsider liking Linkin Park. i for one think linkin park is f*ckin awesome, and will not let some duma$$ author put them down becuz he doesn't kno the first thing about music

Posted by Websters:
You need to stop with leaving the c off of rap. It's is crap, the c is silent.

Posted by Natasha G:
I for one enjoyed greatly Hybrid Theory and found it rewarding that at last I could actually here the words on the song and not just the head banging drums and bassist. When it comes to Reanimation not as great as hybrid Theory but still great to be able to here Rap front and center with rock sounds backing up. I am though awaiting there new CD and hope it has a mre rock focused theme.

Posted by Fencik:
This CD is appalling! I cant believe that a group like Linkn Park would think to put such a lame ass cd out. They are going to loose a large fan base if they decided to continue on this hip hop crap. Isn't one white rapper enough for everyone?

Posted by VampireRyan:
Yeah the CD sucks. But I do like the One Step Closer remix. Anything Jon Davis does is awesome. I'd take a bullet for that guy.

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