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Linkin Park – Meteora 
Review by antiGUY

Linkin Park – Meteora 
Label: Warner Bros.
Buzz or Hype?: Lots of Buzz about the Hype or is it Hype about the Buzz?

Linkin Park’s rise to the top of the rap-rock heap was indeed meteoric but this attempt to stay there can only be described as mediocre. If anything this disc should have been called “supernovious epilogus” because the bright star that shined on “Hybrid Theory” has already exploded and burnt out with this new album that is filled with so many formulaic cliché’s that it seems that the band is parodying itself instead of continuing the direction of their debut. 

Some have taken to calling Linkin Park a boyband with guitars and that wasn’t quite fair when you judged them based on “Hybrid Theory” which was actually a pretty solid album from such young musicians. Whether it was the music or the image that made them best sellers is still up for debate. This CD is a self-fulfilling prophesy as the band does come across more as a “boyband with guitars” who seemed to measure every second on this disc with the thought of latching onto the songs from “Hybrid Theory” that made them international superstars instead of the other tracks which gave them a broader sound. 

The message here seems to be “sell, sell, sell” instead of “let’s see what we can be as a band”. This disc seems so planned out and contrived I wouldn’t be surprised if the songwriting and recording was overseen by marketing gurus and media planning professionals. Even where Linkin Park wants to give the appearance of “experimenting” by adding orchestration and even a pan flute to the mix, the songs themselves have a seamlessly predicable sound more geared toward getting airplay than musical expression. 

I was one of the few that held out hope that Linkin Park would actually go into the studio and come out with something to prove their critics wrong. “Hybrid Theory” wasn’t your run of the mill rap-rock record but instead seemed a refreshing break from the Limp Bizkit school with it’s mix of alternative and industrial flavors and the inner play between the vocals and raps, not to mention their ability to mix all of that together ang give it a very effective pop facade. Although, it grew a bit long in the tooth rather quickly, the band did know how to come up with compelling melodies with what seemed like natural pop sensibilities blended in with the rap and rock. And for a band so young, they came across more than competent. 

Then something funny happened, they became huge stars and out came the media darlings within and we saw the rap side of the band played up where it’s the vocals and rock side that made them a compelling band beyond the middle school crowd.  That milking of the rap/hip-hop formula came crashing to a head with the remix album, which came across as a pathetic attempt to cash in on the band’s fame and hold the fans off while they “engineered” their new studio album. On that album they pretty much divorced themselves from the strongest elements of their music; Chester’s vocals and the guitars and instead opted to put out a mediocre hip-hop album.  It’s their career and they are free to take whatever direction they like but I’ve been disappointed that they have forsaken their musical promise and traded it in for fame and fortune.  It’s insurmountable that they could have come back this time and changed many minds but it’s not unheard of, just ask Coldplay. 

With rap-rock more than a little long in the tooth, this new cd from Linkin Park seems a bit out of place but they will probably give the trend a last hurrah as the kids rush to the store to buy this CD up. This disc is a bit heavier than “Hybrid Theory” but the song structure and overall sound is much more limited and the songwriting seems more focused on formula and charting than on the music. The songs are pretty much interchangeable as the band relied on the tired and worn out cliché’s of the rap-rock genre again, again and again. 

The bottom link is Linkin Park breaks no new ground here and in fact take a step backwards from the strengths and diversity of "Hybrid Theory". Where they were once on the verge of being trail-blazers in the mixing of hip-hop, pop and rock, instead they now rest on the laurels of the genre and their fame and have churned out an album that sounds as planned out and contrived as anything you would hear from a boyband. So while, my best hopes were that Linkin Park would return and hit one out of the park, thus quieting their critics, they instead took the road most traveled and produced more a product than an album of music.  So if you’re one of the millions that count yourself as a fan due to Linkin Park’s chart topping singles, you will be on more than familiar ground with this album. If on the other hand, you are one who despises this group for those very same singles, then this album will add more fuel to your fire of hatred and is not likely to make you a convert to the cult of Linkin Park.  If anything “Meteora” will give Linkin Park detractors 13 more reasons to hate this band, but your little sister will love it! 

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Fan Speak:
Posted byDeadSun, just another retard who knows nothing about music.:
Matt, I'm certainly pleased to be educated by a real, as opposed to an imaginary, musician. I must admit that it was disquieting to learn that, unless a person makes a living from doing something, he has absolutely no understanding of it, and therefore cannot possibly make a valid observation about it--- but thanks to your sharp insight, I now know differently. I have therefore decided to apply this captivating new logical postulate to some other applicable areas.--- 1.) I will no longer vote. Because I am not a professional politician, my political opinions must be ignorant and benighted. Political views should only be held by those who work in politics. 2.) I will stop reading History books. Only if I were a professional Historian could I be assured that I understood the material presented before me. I'm not going to be one of those "try-hard bedroom" historians. 3.) When at a restaurant, I must NEVER turn away food that doesn't taste good to me--- after all, I'm not a professional chef, so what on Earth would I know about good food? ( get the point yet? )--- I hope you ARE a very talented musician, because you have the Logic accumen of a seven year old.

Posted by Nerrad:
What's with all the rap crap? Goddamn, Linkin Park sucks! I even hear the radio D.J.'s talk about how awful "Stinkin Fart" is. I will never buy any of their CD's! They are a disgrace to their fans, and should hang their head in shame.

Posted by Azriel:
DeadSun, Well done for pointing out many useless analogies, must have taken you a while to think them all up. Yes it is a gross oversight of most musicians that they think they know more about music than the people who listen to it. However it's the people who know a little bit about how music is written that are the worst. E.g. It just uses "power chords"… it must be crap. Linkin Park has produced some extremely well written melodies and accompaniment. If you cannot appreciate that believe they have no talent I suggest you have a go at doing it.What is really funny is peoples' perception of "authenticity" in music.

Posted by Oracle:
Do you want to know why Linkin Park leave the rest for dead. Do you know why Linkin Park is musical perfection. Linkin Park might not be the best at everything, but they make what they have work. Its not about guitar. Its not about singing. Its not about hip hop. Its about music. Their songs are full of meaning. One person said Chesters rhymes are too simple. Simplicity is good if you can get your meaning across. Linkin Park is not depressing. They dont just talk sing about problems, they sing about solutions. Linkin Park is consistent, they dont change, they are true to there fans. Thats why you know that if you like LP that the album that comes out will be good. Linkin Park is not overly happy. There is nothing that makes me more sick then just seeing another punk rock teeny bopper song which says how great life is. Life is not great. It requires effort to make it greater than it is. Linkin Park is about motivation. Linkin Park also has so much variety. They can cater for lovers of rock, metal, pop, hip hop and techno. Linkin Park is a fusion of these genres. Thats what makes it strong. Good music is created by building on the strengths of other music. By learning from the mistakes of others Linkin Park has managed to create a new genre, one which will be built on in the future. They have borrowed the best from everything.

Posted by NuumB:
Ok this is to the people who dont like Linkin park. If you totally didnt like them why waste your time writing about how much you hate them..dont you have another band to go worship. I think Linkin Park rocks..I dont get why people who dont like Linkin Park actually take their time to come in here and write about how awful they are. Thats just retarded. Basically..if you really didnt care about the band you wouldnt come in here and write about how much theyy suck. Linkin Park rocks my socks biootches. kk thats all. kbye.

Posted by antiCrapmusic:
Linkin Park is not a rock group, nor are they metal, punk, alternative. They fit into a genre reserved for the worst MTV has to offer. Bands like System of a Down, Nickleback, Limp Bizkit. This genre is called suckness. These guys have no talent, the singer can't sing, the rapper can't rap, and the guitarist can't get past any chords that involve more than 2 fingers. But "OMG, they rock U. R awesomeness bestest band on the planetsess". Don't type like that, it's retarded, as well as your taste in music. Linkin Park does not rock, Clutch rocks, Motorhead rocks, Kyuss rocks, these guys suck. But "ZOMG they have a DJ : D," That makes their regin at suckdom better? I don't understand, using samples isn't a new concept nor is it revolutionary. Please kids, get off MTV and your radio station and start doing research on better bands.

Posted by Deschain:
Well, from my point of you I really like what you said about the rise and eventual fall of Linkin Park. I used to be a fan of theirs back when they were orignally called Super Xero aka Hybrid Theory before calling themselves Linkin Park. I do agree that their music have went on a spiraling downfal because now they have called the path of quanity over quality. Of course it is obviouse to see all of the fans dissing your view mainly because they aren't really ready to except the actual reality of the music of Linkin Park. I am still a fan but of their old material. I do like to thank the band because now I listen to the underground scene like Ninja Tune Lex Records and so on. The melodies and beats of Blockhead, Boom Bip , Bonobo or even the electro band Ladytron is a bit more orignal and deep then the unfortunate downsides to the sounds of Linkin Park. However I do wish Mr. Hahn breaks off, that man sounds are well enough to be like least I wasn't upset with Session.....he should seriously make is own lp but not with the big corps just the one's with actual quality artist that keep and aren't afraid of their styles.

Oh and for you fans don't take it so hard seriously...this is just an opinion...but I do recomend you guys open your minds and listen to some underground artist then reconsider.

Posted by Tony:
suck it out dude.This band rocks

Posted by Biggest fan of Linkin Park...:
I don't get it.. Like if you guys don't like LP then just don't listen.. You don't have to put up soo much critica in here.. They're doing very good music.. Meteora is one of the best..:D
If you don't like it don't listen.. But don't search for lame excuises to hate them.. It's just sick.. I don't like Britney Spears or N'sync I think the suck.. but many people loves them so i'll just keep it to myself.. But the reason why I don't like them is maybe that they all are the same.. Just like christina aguilera, pink, eminem... and so on.. The're singing about how much they love this or that or just singing about weather, mans or crap like that.... or like eminem.. allmost in his every song there are some bitches or hos and the word that cannot be not named is **** or crap.. But if you'd listen LP then you'd realize that they don't speek empty words.. They have meanings in every one of them...
I've started my own band.. And it all thanx to LP cuz we're trying to do something like them.. to show them how much we love them..!

Posted by Big D:
Linkin Park are ****ing mint -- do not diss or i will come and rip your heads off and piss down your throats

Posted by Dave:
Linkin Park are class and collision course is mint but could have had more songs on it

Posted by Dave:
Linkin Park are class and collision course is mint but could have had more songs on it

Posted by jesse:
They suck and don't know the differnce between music and noise and
instead of lisening to these posers who can't play their instruments right listen to some good band like children
of bodom or mettalica what moron gave these idiots the idea to start a band their a bunch of rock wannbes

Posted by ruth (i love chester):
i love linkin park and the music they produce. they are the beat band in the world in my eyes, but another fave of mine is simple plan, they are good, but n my eyes no ine can top the music of linkin park

Posted by Ice arrow:
Whats wrong with you antiguy? You know what? I hate you now. The first time I come here and I see you slandering Meteora? You make me sick. F*cking SICK!!! SCREW YOU! THEY ARE NOT POP! THEY ROCK AND THIS CD IS THE BEST YET! I LOVE IT AND I DONT CARE IF YOU DONT! STOP INSULTING MY MUSIC! YOU DONT KNOW MUSIC AT ALL! I'M NEVER COMING BACK TO THIS SITE EVER AGAIN! SCREW YOU!

Posted by feli:
all i have to say is that the best bands ever are RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and RAMONES!! I'M THE BIGGEST LINKIN PARK HATER IN THE UNIVERSE!!

Posted by Why do you care?:
My "name" says it all; why do you care? I personally like LP as well as AC/DC and Led Zeppelin etc, but apparently if I was a "man" and not a "pussy" I'd listen to manly stuff like "Korn". I HATE Korn. Do you? No you don't. Don't attack my music, and I won't attack yours.

Posted by Jon:
Man, these guys (not just them but all the shat on the radio) can't even play their instruments. And all that bs about, "Lyrics about true feelings that really happen to emo/depressed dumbass posers" man just thinking about these guys makes me cringe. Stop being a geigh ass follower, go listen to some REAL music, Dream Theater, King Crimson, Deth, Children of Bodom, there's millions of good bands, you just have to stop listening to crapty MTV and go get your own taste in music.

Posted by SamIam:
i love lp they are one of the best bands of all time, this cd is one of the best cd's you could ever have and if you don't have it you need to get it, so get off your lazy ass and go get it right know

Posted by Scorpio:
Ever heard of musical variety? You know, the appreciation for different kinds of music? The reviewer of the album lacks that appreciation...

I think Meteora is a good album with a lot of strong points. Heck, the only wrong thing I found on it was the end of "Session", which had an annoying sound...

Posted by jgraham:
personally i think linkin park is one of the most commercialized bands ever, and i doubt if they care at all about the music.

i could be wrong but being a musician myself, i cant imagine that they really care about the music because of the music they make with them, for example, if you really loved music wouldnt you want to get better and make more complex music instead of power chords through out the whole song?

in my opinion the only person that has talent in the band is the turn table guy. hes what catches your ear when you hear it.

they are just like old blink 182, no talent just power chords. everyone LOVES them so much because what they write is catchy. anyone can go out and write a catchy song.

and for those little kids that think linkin park is the best band in the world? try listening to led zeppelin.

Posted by lp fan:
ur messed meterio did almost as well as hybrid theary it got 8 million sold, hybrid theary got 10 million, so how about u stop inslating them and with the flutes and stuff, i wood ahvve to say that there making more combination in there msuic witch makes it sound better, im a huge fan of Linkin Park, and no one will ever change that...but now i look at what Linkin Park is doing...there screwing up and if they continue to sing wtih that jay z fag then im going to ditch them, so lets just say i sorta agree with you people who say they suck, becuz they will suck if they sing blk rapper fags...but otehr then that they rock

Posted by RIVET:
linkinpark is good at what they do, and that is create "music" (term used very loosely) that appeals to 13 year old f***tards and sickens everyone else. I could almost tolerate their presence if they didn't call themselves industrial and metal. That pisses me off to no end. Oh, and they suck corporate hairy elephant c**k.

Posted by Beowulf:
I actually like Hybrid Theory. And that's coming from a die hard eighties metal fan. Their first album was unique and had a nice groove to it. But Meteora? It sucks. It uses ever god damned cliche in teenie bopper music and has no interesting riffs whatsoever. I might get into them if they'd write better lyrics, sack the DJ, and replace his scratches with pinch harmonics.

Posted by mexicankiller:
I dont understand why the F**k they did that music video with jz

Posted by HILLBILLY:

Posted by 666:
Linkin Park are a bunch of pusseys that suck ass! Try lisening to a real band like korn.

Posted by Sick of Retards:
I Think Anyone who hates Linkin Park is retarded. And all you people who are saying all this crap about them, if u hate them so much, y are u waisting all ur time making people who luv Linkin park hate u? I just have to say 1 thing.GET A LIFE! Linkin Park Is freakin cool and Chester,Rob, And Mike r totally freakin HOT!

Posted by che:
i really love this band,as in.........i love all there songs most especially "numb".........that's all...

Posted by klara:
i'm spanish, sorry, because i don't speak very good engilsh, but i only can say this: i love linkin park, you are the best!!!

Posted by karli:
i love linkin park!!!! wen i eard this.... i'm crazy for this group!!!

Posted by Papercut:
What the? Meteora is great and one of the best albums...what do u mean it fell? A lot of people loved it!!!

Posted by kat:
i think this album is amazing, I love linkin park and this album. anyone who puts it down is stupid and you cant compare it with hybird theory because that was amzing and I cant understand why people think this album is bad! it is amzin!

Posted by man with good taste in music:
linkin park sucks. they have no talent, they're emo bitches. their guitarist sucks and only plays 1 power chord every 5 or 10 seconds. and wtf is with the rap? they fuking suck.

Posted by Zack:
First of all there album meteora dos not mean sell sell sell they worked hard on each and every song jus the same amount of hard work done on the first!!! they r very talented n if u judge them like tht then thts ur opnion! y judge them at all if u hate them stop wasting ur time and find a band worthwhile for URSELF to lsn to!

Posted by LinkinParkGrlie:
Linkin Park is AWESOME!!!

Posted by Tureldrenyiner aka Teryn:
I think that the Likin Park band was and still is great the first song I heard from them was numb and I liked it so much that by the second time I heard it I knew all of the words!!! I am and always will be a Linkin Park Fan!!!

Posted by nebulator :
does any 1 know where i can get splitting the dna ?

Posted by ...:
OK, I'd like to say that 1. I don't like LP and 2. you are more opinionated than your accusing us to be.

Posted by linkin park fan!:
i think you suck antiGUY. you dont know good music. they are not pop. britney spears and nsync are pop. they let all of their fans download their music for free. and after their concerts they have meet and greets. they are really close to their fans. all of their cd's were good. they dont all sound the same. and the point of making meteora was to have a different sound. they are not a boyband either. they are not a boyband with guitars. they've worked really hard to get where they are. a lot of famous people had it easy. they didnt. i like all kinds of rock. and heavy metal. and i say they are one of the many best rocks bands out there! p.s. LINKIN PARK ROCKS! p.p.s. LINKIN PARK ROCKS!

Posted by cooli_boy:
vEry CoOl!

Posted by sarah trentacosta:
wait i did not read the story you do not like linkin park f*ck your a hater.....

Posted by sarah trentacosta:
well it is a good story but i have one simpel qestshion what does linkin park think of hilary duff???????

Posted by Deathwish:
You hate LP, you goto hell and will perish in the darkness of the pure flames of the underworld. Discussion ended.

Posted by AkiraHellFire:
Just to all the people who say LP doesn't have no talent, their is something wrong with you. When LP headlines show, their are thousands of people all around the world that go to their shows like on the Meteora World Tour. When you say a band has no talent thats bias. LP has taken a different route than other bands. And i respect that like other people that are fans. Linkin Park shares fans with many great bands like korn, metallica, drowning pool...even metallica invited them to go on tour so one of the greatest bands must respect them

Posted by triangle:
linkin park will live forever darkness are just a hype that will hopefully die out soon. justin hawkins is a gimp

Posted by kit kat:
How can you judge linkin park untill youve heard them you A S S HOLES

Posted by tit munch:
if you dont like linkin park you must be some townie A S S H O L E who likes the different rapping sht

Posted by m:
linkin park are the best band ever darkness is crap

Posted by no-one:
If anything “Meteora” will give Linkin Park detractors 13 more reasons to hate this band, but your little sister will love it! ROFL seriously.. meteora SUCKED. hybrid theory was millions of times better. meteora came out, and i grew up. doesnt appeal to me much anymore. and people, its an OPINION, no need for you all to go PMS on it. ps. linkin park sucks.

Posted by NOBODY is like Linkin Park:
If you talk anymore sht about Linkin Park, I'm gonna break your arm, rip it off of your body and beat you with your own arm, then chop the hand off, put it in a blender and make you eat it, then I'm gonna chop off your pe#&@ and glue it to your ear, then rip your b@ll$ off and mail them to your mom. Linkin Park is the hardest working band I know, and a boy band is the very last thing they are, how dare you even use boyband in the same sentance and Linkin Park. After reading this g@y reveiw, I printed it out and used it to whipe my a$$

Posted by Derek:
i think your an alcoholic a$$hole

Posted by Jess:
Meteora took 18 months to make and they recorded 40 different beats to Somewhere I Belong before they all picked a beat they felt was right. They also took out the back room on their tour bus usually for other rock bands to hook up with groupies and made it into a little studio. They were very thorough with this CD and did not rush to put it out. They are an excellent band and very appreciative of their fans unlike a lot of bands who forget that their fans are who put them at the top. Bands that you think rock I could think are horrible but that doesn't mean they suck it means it is not my taste in m,usic. I guess opinions are like ass holes and everybody has one but that is just what it is an opinion so instead of sending out information biased to your opinion understasnd that if you had a chance to do what they do you would so don't complain about their music. If you don't like it don't buy it but don't sit here and say slandering comments such as "they suck' or any other derogitory remarks. I like to see you try to make a better album.

Posted by Jess:
Meteora took 18 months to make and they recorded 40 different beats to Somewhere I Belong before they all picked a beat they felt was right. They were very thorough with this CD and did not rush to put it out. They are an excellent band and very appreciative of their fans unlike a lot of bands who forget that their fans are who put them at the top. Bands that you think rock I could think are horrible but that doesn't mean they suck it means it is not my taste in m,usic. I guess opinions are like ass holes and everybody has one but that is just what it is an opinion so instead of sending out information biased to your opinion understasnd that if you had a chance to do what they do you would so don't complain about their music. If you don't like it don't buy it but don't sit here and say slandering comments such as "they suck' or any other derogitory remarks. I like to see you try to make a better album.

Posted by dublin:
in response to hitler who talked about linkin park being booed off stage in dublin i am afraid that it is slightly true. They did receive boos but they defied all and remained on stage. the reason this happened is because in ireland metallica fans are hardcore and wouldnt listen to bands such as LP

Posted by LInkin park SUCKS:
i would just like to say... rap sucks... lp sucks. they are indeed a boyband. if you feel differently.... than you are wrong. end of discussion.

Posted by Me:
It's plain and simple. The author of this articel is a dickhead who deserves to have his ass filled with boiling oil. What the hell is his problem.

Posted by Mr. Tibbs:
I like "Meteora;" I think Chester is utilized just fine in most of their good songs; just look at their singles. I think that some of the lyrics fall into cliche and contradict themselves as they pile up, "Breaking the Habit," for example, is cited by a lot of LP fans as their fave song on the album, and the melody's good, I'll admit, but the lyrics are too vague to really amount to anything, so I guess they're what you could call derivative. However, I think that they do a good job of making more interesting hooks than most hard rock outfits out there, never mind rap-rock. The guitar over the chorus of "Lying From You" kicks my ass when I'm in the right mood, and I don't know how anybody could say anything bad about "Nobody's Listening." That's a gooood song any way you slice it.

Posted by Emily:
Linkin Park is an excellent band. They're actually my favorate band. They're music is totally awsome and is feeled with meaning. I wish I could meet them all.

Posted by THA BRO:

Posted by Dj Plutonium!:
you're like one antisocial, when you writed "sell, sell, sell" I thought that you envy a lot the position of the band in the world and also you aren't nobody in the world of music maybe that's your problem about linkin park..

Posted by ROTTEN FISH:

Posted by bad ass girl:
I thing that it is tight ass

Posted by LPlyr4ever:
to all you that put down LP, you all suck. Linkin Park is the most talented band in the world, and to those of you that think 50 cent and ludacris and all that crap is better, obviously you dont know meaningful music. all that rap crap talks about sleepin with girls and having sex, well, get a chance to read or listen to some of LP's lyrics. youll cry, its so powerful! g2g listen to lp. lp rocks!!!

Posted by boomchick21:
Personally, I have respect for anyone that has the guts to write their own songs and put them out there for the whole world to see and judge. It takes a much bigger person to leave themselves open to criticism than to tell those people to "linkin park sucks. they have no talent. i could beat the guitarist's a$$ at shredding. this is not rock or metal. its pop. this LP album, their next album, their previous album, and their all their albums to come will suck MAJOR A$$!" But that's not the point. The point is that these guys always try to take time for their fans. They've always been dedicated, right from the beginning, which is shown with the LPU and Street Soldiers. As for making money, Mike Shinoda has been quoted as saying, "We support free music. So go ahead! Download that sh*t!" Does that sound like the words of people out to make money? Plus, look at them. Do they really look like they spend thousands of dollars on their outfits and everything? Linkin Park take time on their songs. Mike and Chester wrote around 40 verses to "Somewhere I Belong" because they wanted to get their message across perfectly. Many of the songs can be found on the internet and such with different lyrics (i.e. "Papercut" has at least 5 versions, "In the End" at least 3)"Breaking the Habit" took Mike six years to write. The band put hard work into everyone of their songs, and it shows. The songs are different than most of the depressing music you hear today, because their whole point with Meteora was catharsis, or a resolution. For example, the lyrics of "Somewhere I Belong": "I want to find something I've wanted all along/Somewhere I belong..." Linkin Park isn't a metal band. They aren't a pop band, rap band, electronica, or anything specific. They chose the name Hybrid Thoery because hybrid means fusing two or more elements. Linkin Park is a combination of rap, electronica, and rock. They are their own sound. As for your little sister loving it, it depends on the sister. Personally, my sister is a Hilary Duff fan who thinks that Chester's screaming is annoying. I've always wondered how LP can be considered a boy band. Do they do dance routines, wear matching clothes, sing with nasal voices, or pay people to write their songs proclaiming their love to that one special girl while they date a new one every week? Four members of LP are married, and they never sing about how great girls' bodies are. antiGUY, you talk about rap/rock being old. If you're that worried about trends, then why bother getting favorite bands or songs? They'll be old next week anyway. Linkin Park is a band above many of the rest: they dare to write what they know and feel, not worry about the trends, and remain down to earth even while their albums sell rapidly all over the world.

Posted by ED209:
You guys like linkin park well let me give you guys a tip on how to get every track that they have ever done. First step is to stay away from dodgy mp3 site because most of them is out to make a buck so hears how to get free everything first you need a program called limewire that you can get for free of there site then gust punsh in what media you want and you will get it. Here is every album that linkin park have released and hasent released. Splitting the DNA. Hybrid Theory Hybrid Theory EP Under Attack A Tribute to linkin park Total Linkin Park Linkin park the collector edition so go get them guys and rock

Posted by Raven:
I am a big Linkin Park fan ive pritty much heard everything that Linkin Park have recorded and i think that that the negitive critisum that cums from people who havent even left the bedroom could be a very good ctric because ive listen to bands like pud vane to Limp bizkit and so on i think that Linkin Park diserve a break hear and let them see what they can do next OK.

Posted by hitler:
IM SORRY, BUT WHAT FUKIN RETARD WOULD POST THE FOLLOWING?--- Posted by [LINKIN PARK]: Ummm,a comment on the guy that said that Linkin Park got booed off stage at a concert in Dublin.If the fans were gonna boo them,then why the hell did they come to the show?They were just wasting there time booing the best band there is. ---THIS USELESS PUNK THINKS LP IS GOOD MUSIC?? LET HANG THAT LITTLE SHIATT!!

Posted by Emmet:
Right on!!! Linkin Park downright SUX. They think they're rap. They think they're metal. THEY"RE NEITHER. This band sux and shows the world how bad the rap-metal genre downright sucks. God, they're almost as bad as ICP!!! You think youre tuff listening this crap?? try something heavier you prepubessant fools.

Posted by ashley:
i think they area great band i love there music and everyone that dont is weird

Posted by Henna Ayubi:
Dude Linkin Park ROCKs ANd whoever doesnt like them Screw u!! You Probably havent even heard any of thier songs but one!!! i hate people like that!!

Posted by ANDRE:

Posted by BadReception....:
youre a bastard... i agree that hybrid theory was a better album... but at the same time what the hell are you talking about... Linkin park is the last famous band i would say is worried about money... all they do is think about their fans, so if you would just put back on your damn glasses you would be able to see that your both blind and wrong. Judge people better before you put your analysis on the web...

Posted by Mike:
you are insane! Linkin Park are the best band in the world!!!

Posted by Ang:
POP MUST DIE!Everyone that likes MJ can go Fluck off! He messes wit lil innocent boys,makes his kidz wear masks,dangled his baiby from a balcony and WEARS FLUCKIN MAKEUP! HE's A FREAKIN GAYBOB!

Posted by Blink:
Well you know guys the only good thing about Meteora is that the songs hve more meaning to it and not just music. I agree that the music in Hybrid Theory was better but i personaly like LP for that they express what i feel everyday in rhyme and music. I know many poeple that like LP for their words not music but I also know people who like their music not words so we cant say which album is better because Hybrid Theory is "music" album and Meteora is "words" album...

Posted by drowning pool fan:
drowning pool is tha shiznit!!!

Posted by Street Soldier:
Meteora Rules... Every1 who hates LP can go bak to the hole they came from...

Posted by Ang:
Everyone who hates LP can just get off their a$$e$ and listen to it! M~J is bad to kids! Are you people ever gonna realize it? HE DONT DESERVE 2 LIVE!

Posted by Linkinparkprincess:
this article is BASHED!! the person who wrote this should burn in hell along with all the other LP could you say something so bad about such a good bad. i would like to see you go out there and make such good albums. LP has a good mix of rap and rock it has a good alternative feel.p.s LP ROXS

Posted by linkinfan4life:
DAMN!!!this person who wrote this article doesnt know anything about good music. LP isnt out there for the money because they wouldnt waste their time doing all this stuff for all the money. i dont care what this person says about they a boy band and its for little kids and all that crap cause no matter what ill always be a LP fan. and whoever wrote this dumb article i dont know whats up wit you but dont be mad because its to hard for you to understand these lyrics and see how good of a band LP is but i guess thats ur bad.and all of these people can agree that linkin park isnt burned out and wont ever be. so to whoever wrote this article go back to listing to brittney spears and ur other gay music.p.s. LINKIN PARK RULES!

Posted by HybridDemon:
To all of you LP haters out there: If you are so smart, then why are you wasting your time on telling other people how much you hate a band, instead of spending your time to listen to bands that you like? Seriously! That proves how stupid LP haters are, and another thing about LP haters is that they don't even know any LP songs, or MAYBE know one or two and start saying that all of LP's song suck, when they haven't even heard them all!

Posted by HybridObsession:
if you hate lp, ok. if you love lp, ok. just remeber, there is NO right or wrong. it's your oppinion. DAMN though! some of you guys are flat out MEAN! i personally ADORE lp, but some don't. and that's fine...but, clam down...damn kids and your drugs. -_-

Posted by Tahliee!!! I (L) LP(L)(L):
all u fukn linkin park haters dunt fukn no wat tha hell u are talkin bout ok...u obviousley havent heard any of thier music cas u have got it all wrong and u ppl re SoOo SaD all of linkin parks albums have f*kn rocked and they will continue to do so.....u should think of getin a f*king life b4 EVA dissin lp agen.

Posted by punkqueen2004:

Posted by linkinfan2004:
i think that linkin park is the most talented not boy band group.thier music is solid and refined to something that young people can relate to.....its the best.....they are the best ever

Posted by LPTennisGumbi:
Wow, whoever wrote this article doesn’t know anything about music! Pop is music for 10 year-old Hilary Duff and Britney Spears wannabes, and boy bands consist of people like Justin Timberlake who want to cry themselves a river who sue all of their fans that download their music for free!! So before writing an article, first learn the type of music that the band your dis-ing plays!!! What was up with the “little sister” crap? Again, you obviously are completely clueless about music because “little sisters” listen to that Hilary Duff because the things that Hilary Duff sings about are so stupid and air-headed that even brain dead ditsy middle school blondes and five year olds kids would understand what the hell she’s singing about. Little kids don’t know jack about the things Linkin’ Park sings about, so don’t even give me that crap. Another thing you need to work on is writing a damn article!! When you’re writing a review about an album you don’t write a review on a genre of music that you don’t listen to! That’s just common sense! I love rock, but it would be stupid for me to write a review for an opera. DUH!! About the sell out thing… why would they openly say to download their music for free if they were sell outs… are you completely naïve or are you just plain stupid? Oh yea, and if LP sucked as bad as you say they do, the how come they’ve sold millions upon millions of albums? I’d like to see you do that! I love Linkin’ Park and I can’t wait to go to their concert in Sacramento this week! Just so you know, I’m a senior girl in high school and little sisters don’t listen to Linkin’ Park, so just go back to screwing your sister dumbass!

Posted by norm:
i fink this guy doesnt hav a clue wot hes on bout

Posted by norm:
i fink this guy doesnt hav a clue wot hes on bout

Posted by yasha:
linkin park is a great band and it rocks

Posted by Linkin Park(chester):
this is chester from linkin park. to all of our teenybopper, cheerleader fans who think we are hot, im sorry, we are gay. we like to have butt sex with each other before shows, during shows, and after shows.

Posted by Linkin Park is the gayest band on gods green earth:
need i say more?

Posted by Iron Maiden WILL find you:
retarded little biatches. if you want to here a good rock album, listen to any iron maiden, metallica, dio, misfits, HIM and bands like that. not Linkin park, that is unless you are into retarted, teenybopper wanna be rock that is gay.

Posted by Iron Maiden will find you:
linkin park sucks. they have no talent. i could beat the guitarist's a$$ at shredding. this is not rock or metal. its pop. this LP album, their next album, their previous album, and their all their albums to come will suck MAJOR A$$! p.s. maiden will find you. up the irons, maiden fans!

Posted by Travis:
You know what! Linkin Park is talented, they make great music, and lot's of peeps say they hate them cuz they scream too much, but that's the best part! Oh, and Michael Jackson fans, HE IS A GAY FREAK WHO HAD SEX WITH HIS KID, AND HIS MUSIC SUCKS!!! WHO AGREES??!!!

Posted by pissed off:
meteora was by far linkin parks best album because of the supurb and catchy new songs. for someone to smash there album like that insults me and all of linkin parks fans screw you antiGuy!

Posted by Jennifer (my xanga: ):
U are crazy to not love Linkin Park... u must not kno wat good music is because LINKIN PARK ROCKS and they're one of the best bands in the world... and all u haters... go home!!! because LINKIN PARK is here to stay!!!

Posted by [LINKIN PARK]:
Ummm,a comment on the guy that said that Linkin Park got booed off stage at a concert in Dublin.If the fans were gonna boo them,then why the hell did they come to the show?They were just wasting there time booing the best band there is.

Posted by [LINKIN PARK]:
Ummm,a comment on the guy that said that Linkin Park got booed off stage at a concert in Dublin.If the fans were gonna boo them,then why the hell did they come to the show?They were just wasting there time booing the best band there is.

Posted by just read the damn review:
Well, this a pretty good album, although without a doubt not the best piece of work that they've done. And I do find it extremely irritating that they seem to have every song they've ever done on 3 CD's or something like that. But I do say that they have some catchy songs like Numb, Figure.09, By Myself, and A place for my head. You were right about Linkin Park more than you were wrong, but I won't judge you on that. What matters is that you posted your opinion as a fact and tried to prove a point. Linkin Park is a decent band. Sure it's not up there with Aerosmith, ACDC, Bon Jovi, ect. But all in all it's a good band so don't call an album bad just because you don't really like the band, dumbass.

Posted by poison:
i love them

Posted by anirock7:
P.S. anirock means anime and rock. couldn't have said it better Deadsun. Michelle J. LP makes good music because they are talented HELLO!! Meteora rocks even if you don't like rock or LP, you have to agree. LYING FROM YOU rocks. go masturbate or something antiGUY!!! do you even like music at all. stop dissing people because they are famous. people like you always find something wrong with a good band. I should curse you out in 4 languages now but I'll be nice. shut up with that little sister crack. britney is for little prissies. LP is for tomboys who know a good rock band like me.

Posted by anirock7:
antiGUY your name says it all. maybe your against guys or something. anyways, everyone can express their opinion. LINKIN PARK kicks @$$.they aren't sell outs, am sure your just having a bad day. rock hater!!!! linkin park were the first rock that I really became fond of. HOW DARE YOU CALL THEM POP!!! Boybands with guitars that's ridiculous. lp's lyrics do deal with reality, and I can relate. that doesn't mean I'm a freak. kid from Dublin, maybe your listening to some other type of musc. if all you people who hate lp come to where I live, you'll better watch your back. I guess I'll be selling out because I'm a caribbean person who is black and like rock, get a life.

Posted by Nick:
This is a load. They have not forsaken their musical talent, nor have they sold out. They bacame popular because they are good, and they remain popular because they are good. And that bull crap about the little sister at the end, I know very few girls who like Linkin Park.

Posted by Julie:
I think that you have a mighty big stick shoved up your ass.Linkin Park is far from a boyband. Like whatever said,they don't care if we download their crap.They're one of the only bands that I know of that actually do.Their music actually has MEANING to it.Their music has helped alot of their fans cope with their problems.Their music is like therapy. Antiguy,you do not know anything about which you speak.

Posted by killershark:
shut up moron this is a great album so go away before I get my ninjas to smack your a$$

Posted by whatever:
You call that an article? You must really hate rock music, because you got that band all wrong. How in the heck can you call Linkin Park pop, and that 'my little sister will love it'? She has to be one depressed, rap-metal loving sister, especially if she's younger than me! Read some darn interviews, watch some TV shows like IMX, go to a darn concert, whatever it is, make sure you get to know them as people before you bash what they want to acheive as a band besides selling. They even said 'We support free music, so go ahead, download our stuff!' I guess in your book that means 'We want you to buy our sh*t at really high prices, so we get filthy rich! So quit downloading, I hope you get arrested!'

Posted by dallace paige gothic freak:
this band is so hot. i love there songs ilove there music beats. there my fave band. but i really should thank my best friend lucy she was the one who got me into them.the first song i ever heard from them was in the end which my mom loved. i thought it was really hot. but then my friend got the Cd that is how i found out about them. anyone who bought this cd or would like to should agree with me that lp is the greatest band there is. i mean listening to there lyrics and understanding what they are talking about is really good. i understand the lyrics and think i could relate to them with other things like my fave anime cartoons. which is rurouni kenshin the wandering samurai,im obessed with this and l)if you would like to contact me my email address is i look forward to your answers to if you agree with me you can also contact me at girl glitter

Posted by fang:
this cd album is the greatest CD.Anyone who likes rock would love it!!! buy it or else!! i will find you

Posted by méli:
i think linkin park is the best of the best rocker en world!!! sorry for my english, but linkin park en force!!!

Posted by Kyle:
Antiguy is a d*ck!! he must have something against LP cuz he gives them no credit at all, and LP defenitely deserves it. They kick a$$!!!

Posted by Tiia bum:
its good very good

Posted by obsessed fan:
you know nothng! This album is brilliant! I listen to it 5 times everday! no, really!

Posted by shelly:
Liken Park are pretty dam cool they've got everything i like to listen to in their songs.When i was lookin for sites i couldn't believe all the sites dissin them! Bad Form. Shelly Ireland

Posted by angeleyes:
Antiguy is an idiot!

Posted by Meteora_Grl:
How can you say that.. "The message here seems to be “sell, sell, sell” instead of “let’s see what we can be as a band”. I mean HELLO if you were paying attention, you would've known that Reanimation was what they wanted to do in the 1st place. They said it was more of an album to experiment with people they loked up to. It was in fact their idea to "see what we can be as a band". And I admit they lost many fans to that album. Whether you like Meteora or not I really dont care. That's your opinion. But at least stay with facts. And why do you even call people sell outs first of all. Don't you want a band to become well known once you listen to them? That is what you're doing when you buy their CD! Most of the time they let their fans choose the singles for them. And I mean their hardcore fans who have known them before they were even called Linkin Park. And not every song by LP is "exactly the same" I could analyze each song for you right now to prove you wrong. They may sound similar but do you want each song to sound completely different? If you don't like LP thats ok but don't go dissin them or trying to back up your opinion with so called incorrect "facts".

Posted by Nothingfaced:
Hybrid Theory was decent, if not catchy at times, but pretty much what the review says is totally true. They went downhill since they thought of releasing such thing as Reanimation

Posted by lpuchick:
The only problem i had with this cd was not enough f*ckin great songs by the f*cking best band there ever was. they are NOT POP a$$hole!!!

Posted by to DeadSun:
hey man!! i havent talked to you for months!! where have you been? you probably dont remember me.. hmm.. i cant remember a conversation that we had but im sure we had one. ok this is probably really scary so i'll just leave now.

Posted by LP sux now...:

Posted by lp hata:
lp licks penis thats is what that should mean cuz they suck dik i mean i have a book of song tabs and they are ALL EXACTLY THE SAME RIFFS reaarranged i didnt like ur review of mushroomhead though i think you should give them a second look on theyr other cd too lp sux all the way

Posted by LP :
i don no what problem all of u ... if don like linkin park .. don like lah .. why talk many thing at there ...i don like Michael jackson but i also don have talk about him... why somebady don like LP talk talk talk talk at there .... so free ah all of u

Posted by LP FAN:
Michale jackson .. do to dead liao... so old liao also want to come out to sing... he is the KING of the POP??? u don't make me vomit ok!!!

Posted by LP RULZ!:

Posted by Linkin Park R the BEST A$$HOLE so SHUT THE F*CK UP!:
i think that u r an stupid a$$hole that doesn't have any taste for REAL music. u think this cd made linkin park go down the drain? SHUT UP CUZZ IT DIDN'T!!! well i think ur brain did go down the toilet! get a clue MORON!

Posted by the kaiser:
linkin park was alright, then they just sucked. the end.

Posted by SHOOTER:
THIS review is very true almost being to easy on linkin park as there new album is the most annoying rubbish ive heard in 17 years of listening to metal i also heard they were booed of stage last nite in my home town Dublin! speaks for itself rock music in essence is about credibility moreso than other forms of music i think!

Posted by LPLicksBalls:
My name says it all.

Posted by LPFAN or.. Rosie:
I love there cd i dont no why everyone is dissing on them they have a good thing going for them so critics should back off i meen comon give time to sell there cds before hating on them just cuz critics may not approve i do and i no many people who LOVE them and mike shinoda should have more solos and should sing every song hehe but honestly quit ragging on them u dont rag on MICAEL JACKSON DO YOU!? THERE A GREAT BAND AND DO UR THING MIKE! :-) i watch how the moon sits in the sky on a dark night shinning with the light from the sun.... THAT IS THE BEST SONG EVER!!!! LP ROCKS LP ROCKS ANTIGUY U SUCK U SHOULD GO BUY A BRITNEYS SPEARS RECORD!!!!

Posted by Pwinc3ss_0f_H3LL:
i own this cd and its the BEST!

Posted by OoHahnzKyur4ThIchxX:
I think you're a f*ckin' idiot. Estas estupido, o que, mendigo? You know nothing about music, you're probabley some stupid computer nerd w. no self esteem, who resortz 2 putting down the best of the best. And let me tell you something, you are so lucky! If it wasn't for the fact that I feel sorry for you pathetic lack of judgement, I would probabley seek you out and beat your frickin' a$$! Get a life, and a sense of taste, fag.

Posted by Linkin Park Lover:
Linkin park rocks!Someday ill start a band just as good as them.I dont know whats wrong with you people who dont like them,they arec AWESOME!

Posted by The little chipmonks in my head disguised as old men told me that my name is XHellsFireX:
This is not true you ahev no idea what the f*ck your talking about their Cd rocked ._. i dont know what the hll is wrong with you but you certantly have VERY bad taste in music I actually LOVE this CD oO; I think you must be a little messed up in the head whomever wrote that TT; I did like Hybrid theory a LITTLE better tho but thats just cuz I'm obsessed with the song forgotten XD N E wayz you suck, have incredible sucky taste in music and I dont think that you even deserve to write a reveiw for this album TT; I think it deserves Five smileys ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ you suck @$$ T.T

Posted by lp-fan-:
antiguy u suk lp rule and u should realise it so fuk u fukball

Posted by srgntpoliteness:
this album is poop-good call antiGUY

Posted by Hobo:
HAHAHA, thats why I love deadsun. Just curious, what History are you studying? Or what Historians for that matter? Someday I hope you will teach me to rebutt like you.

Posted by Cat:
I think linkin park pretty musch rocks, and they are my favorite band. I listen to lots of different styles of rock, like LP, metallica deftones, doll, creed and like all of them just fine. As much as i like linkin park, I also like hearing hater reports because I think it's so damn funny and it's cool that everybody has their own opinion. So go ahead, email me at Oh yeah, don't laugh at my email address, I already know it's seriously gay.

Posted by LPDiva:
i think you're very wrong. linkin park is the greatest band ever who put real life situations into their lyrics to reach out and touch the lives of fans. but everyone has the right to their own opinions so i'm not going to ramble on about what u've said. i'm a linkin park fan so i love and respect their music and them as a band.

Posted by LPxm29:
This guy thinks LP has gone pop & rap? What an idiot. I hate pop and rap and I love the new cd. It's almost like he's saying their rappin about all the hors they've laid and all the "pimped out" chains they have. LP makes original and creative music about the hardships in life not, about their lives on the street like most rap and pop stars that go home to thier plush and furnished mansions. LP FAN

Posted by Poopercannon:
Linkin park is the worst band i have ever heared i am not overstating

Posted by EMON:

Posted by Ookie:
PS: i think the review above needs a little more research and less uneducated opinions..

Posted by Ookie:
I think Linkin Park is one of the most talented bands out there! they design their own videos and album covers, and they have reasons other than money and fame for doing what they do. and i think its really cool that they are adventurous and creative enough to try something different and unique (ie: meteora) i think its a very refreshing album considering the genre. and their live show ROCKS! ~LPfan

Posted by tobee1:
I think it is obvious to anyone who has listend to Hybrid Theory or Reanimation that LP have talent and imagination,Meteora is a bit of a cash in from what I've heard, although there are a few stand out tracks Breaking The Habit especially is nice. I'm sure they'll be more adventurous again.

Posted by Emma:
linkin park are the best band ever they are talented and i think they will continue to produce excellent music

Posted by killerc:
GOOD CD TOO short! only 36 mins

Posted by Michael Jackson fan:
What? you should f uck off and die. Michelle Johnson is right. Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop" is the only person in the whole f ucking world that makes only good music and he's the most talented person in the world. Linkin Park sucks and you suck too.

Posted by What?:
You dont know what the hell your talking about Michelle. If they make good music that means they ARE talented. You should be the one the fu ck off.

Posted by Michelle Johnson:
I don't think that they are talented, but they make good music and that is what really counts, right? You better beleive it buddy. I don't buy this bullsh*t saying that LP is the soft version of Limp Bizkit. Fukk off.

Posted by bobbyincredible:
There have been worse records, but Meteroa isn't anything that hasn't already been done to death. Despite reports that this record was years in the making it seems rushed as did Reanimation, especially in the lyrical department. I think we saw their best in Hybrid Theory, but Meteora is pretty lame compared to that.


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