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Day in Rock Report for 06/24/2011

Guns N' Roses Have Three Albums Of New Songs
(Gibson) Guns N' Roses are playing a prominent gig at this year's Rock in Rio festival in Brazil on October 2, but does this booking mean new songs are on the way?

According to Guns N' Roses and Sixx:A.M. guitarist DJ Ashba, it's on their minds. "Axl has so many songs up his sleeve from the Chinese Democracy era," said the 38-year-old, in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock. "He has three albums of really amazing stuff. He's played me quite a bit of it. It's really good."

Ashba went on to tell the site he's been "demoing tons of stuff" in his studio and that the plan is to get together with the guys, go over the material and "put together what he [Axl] feels would be the next best thing for Guns N' Roses…" more on this story

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More Pink Floyd Rarities On The Way
(Gibson) Pink Floyd are re-releasing all of their studio albums in new editions on September 26. In addition, the rock titans will be putting out new, deluxe versions of three of their most-cherished albums – The Dark Side of the Moon (September 26), Wish You Were Here (November 7) and The Wall (February 27).

Now, drummer Nick Mason has revealed that more of the special editions (which feature alternate and live tracks) will be released for other Floyd albums. Could Animals be next? "We will do some more sort of in-depth versions of other albums, but I don't know what we've got in the pipeline for that, yet," he told

As for the bonus material on the first three editions, Mason said he really enjoyed a different version of "Wish You Were Here" that featured violin. "When I heard that for the first time, I couldn't for the life of me understand why we never put that on record in the first place," he said. "I felt like, 'This is great! Why didn't we use this?!'" more on this story

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Mick Jagger's Supergroup Set Album Release
(hennemusic) Mick Jagger's new supergroup, SuperHeavy, will release its debut album this September. The first single is titled "Miracle Worker" and the band will be recording a video for the track.

The SuperHeavy lineup features Jagger, Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart, singer Joss Stone, composer A.R. Rahman and reggae artist Damian Marley.

Jagger and Stewart co-produced the album, which was recorded in various studios around the world, including those in France, Cyprus, Miami and India. The majority of the tracks were laid down over three weeks in Los Angeles earlier this year. The quartet wrote 22 songs in their first six days together. more on this story

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Tool Writing New Music
(Gibson) Maynard James Keenan is on the road with alt-metallers A Perfect Circle this summer, but it seems his bread-and-butter band, Tool, aren't completely out of the picture.

"We're writing," the frontman told SPIN of the current state of Tool, adding that A Perfect Circle are also writing and "might put out a track of two" this year. "The energy is good, so there's always the potential for a future," he said.

Maynard, who runs his own wine vineyards when he's not on tour, added that recording music "is very much like winemaking. Pieces are developing individually, then you bring them together and they either fit together or they don't. "Eventually when you bring it all together, it integrates, then you spend a little bit of time working on it, and then you release it." more on this story

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Vinnie Vincent Claims He Was Wrongly Accused of Domestic Assault
(Rock News Desk) Vinnie Vincent says assault charges filed against him after an incident involving his wife have been dropped, but in fact they've only been suspended.

The former Kiss guitarist, real name Vincent Cusano, spent a night behind bars in May after Diane Cusano told police he'd struck her and dragged her through broken glass. A stand-off involving Rutherford County's FAST tactical team took place at Vincent's Tennessee home before he was arrested.

Now he says he was wrongly accused and the charges against him have been cancelled, when in reality they're subject to "retirement", meaning he's not off the hook yet. And he's been ordered to attend anger management therapy in return for the chance to have them dropped permanently. more on this story

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Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax Jam in Doubt- Hear New Coldplay Song- Hitler Vs Opeth- Iron Maiden Book- Chuck Berry Protest- Leslie West Post-Amputation Interview- more
(RockAAA) Anthrax and Damned Things axe man Rob Caggiano says that the Big 4 may not jam at Sonisphere in the UK. more

The new track from Coldplay entitled "Minor Minus" is up now on their website and YouTube. It will be released as part of the "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" EP. Check it out here

This was just too strange to pass up: (MU) It seems as if Hitler has once again felt extreme heartbreak and anger over a new metal album set for release in 2011. Following his excessive rage towards Morbid Angel's "Illud Divinum Inanus" earlier this summer a new spoof, of the 2004 German film "Der Untergang/Downfall," has been made of Hitler reacting to the forthcoming new album from Swedish progressive death metallers Opeth, titled "Heritage." You can check out the reaction here

(The 1st Five) The Fall Of Troy's second record, Doppelgänger, is going to be reissued on vinyl towards the beginning of August. more

(FMQB) John Butler Trio will release a new live CD/DVD set, Live At Red Rocks, via ATO Records on July 19. more

(Reuters) An 86-year-old former city official said on Thursday she and dozens of supporters would try to delay installation of a statue of rock pioneer Chuck Berry because he "is a felon and not a friend of women." more

(FMQB) Danko Jones has released a deluxe reissue of his latest full-length album, Below the Belt. The expanded version includes two new bonus tracks titled "Guest List Blues" and "Rock N Roll Proletariat," as well as the entire Below the Belt music video trilogy. more

(BW&BK) One of the Howard Stern Show's favorite musical guests, legendary Mountain guitarist Leslie West, has just undergone an emergency amputation to, in the words of his reps, "save his life." Here the interview here

(Lambgoat) Spawn Of Possession entered the studio last weekend to begin recording their Relapse Records debut. more

(PNO) A video of Touche Amore's entire set of their record release show at Backside Records in Burbank, CA is up for viewing. The release show was for Touché's Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me that was released earlier this year via Deathwish Inc.. The video can be seen here

(Lambgoat) Wolves Like Us will release their debut album, Late Love, in North America on September 13 via Prosthetic Records. more

(BMN) Orion Books has announced that the photographic documentary compiled by official Iron Maiden photographer John McMurtrie entitled "On Board Flight 666" will be published in the U.K. on October 20. more

(BW&BK) Vader have confirmed more summer shows and festival appearances. Says the band: "Vader will take part in a few prestigious festivals such as Metal Hammer Festival (Poland), Summer Breeze (Germany), Brutal Assault (Czech Republic), Close-Up Baten (Sweden) and many more." more

On this day in 1967, The Monkees went to #1 on the U.S. album charts with Headquarters, the group's second chart-topper.

On this day in 1988, UB40 bass player Earl Falconer was sent to prison for six months, with a further 12 suspended, after admitting to causing his brother's death in a car accident.

On this day in 1989, Richard Marx scored his second U.S. #1 single with "Satisfied." Find out what else happened on this date in music history here

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Megadeth's Mustaine Says Giving Music Away Is Stupid
(Rock News Desk) Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine says bands who choose to give away their music for free are stupid, and predict the music industry will resolve its current problems. And although he's happy with his career at the moment, he admits he'd like Megadeth to be bigger than they are.

"I think the record business is just like anything else – it's going to regulate itself. It's going to correct itself," Mustaine tells the Brandon Sun. "The problem is that all the pigs were in there with their hands on the steering wheel. They got what they deserved."

He believes bands who allow free downloading of their tracks won't be around long enough to be part of the industry once it's repaired. "Musicians who say they don't care, that's they'd give it away for free, are stupid," he says. "They've never been hungry. If you're going out there and being careless, and just letting your songs be downloaded for free, it's probably going to reflect in your longevity." more on this story

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Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi Didn't Know He Invented Heavy Metal
(Rock News Desk) Black Sabbath icon Tony Iommi says he was surprised when he first heard the band referred to as a heavy metal act – because he always thought they were a hard rock outfit. But he's proud of the label after having lived with it for 40 years.

"I wasn't familiar with the term for quite a few years. I always looked at what we did as heavy rock," Iommi tells the BBC. "It was first mentioned to me by a journalist from a well-known magazine. He said, 'Oh, you play heavy metal.' I said, 'What? What's that?' He said, 'Well, that's what you play.'

"I'd been in America for quite a while and I'd never heard the term. But ever since that it's been non-stop. I still think we're heavy rock, but you are put in a bag. I'm quite proud of it now." more on this story

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Flea Talks New Red Hot Chili Peppers Album
(Gibson) Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea said the band did some major growing since releasing their last album, Stadium Arcadium, in 2006. In an interview with Spin magazine, he said that new album I'm with You (out August 30) "has a deep heart."

"It's much more poignant than our other records. Life and death is a major theme," he said. "[The album] has a deep heart. Everyone in the band has grown and continued to reinvent themselves and become a better musician, and collectively we did. We were forced to."

Flea also said that new lead guitarist Josh Klinghoffer (who replaced John Frusciante), changed the band's recording dynamic, as did the bassist's year of studying music at the University of Southern California. He also talked about the African music that weaved its way into the new record. "We've always all loved African music. Throughout our career we've played some African bits, but we never really captured it right," Flea said. "Josh and I tripped around Ethiopia with a group called Africa Express, which Damon Albarn [Blur, Gorillaz] organized. We saw music every night and jammed with musicians. Ethiopia is such a great country, beautiful place. more on this story

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Evan Seinfield Surprised Biohazard By Quitting
(Rock News Desk) Biohazard guitarist Billy Graziadei has revealed frontman Evan Seinfield quit the band and his colleagues were left shocked by the move.

They'd just finished work on and album they were all proud of when Seinfeld told them he was leaving. Graziadei says they had to decide at very short notice whether to continue without him.

And although they recruited former member Scott Roberts as a temporary stand-in, they may keep him on after all. "It dropped like a bombshell – it came from left field," Graziadei tells Metalshrine. "We'd finished tracking the album in February and didn't have much contact with him. Then a couple of weeks ago he called up and said: 'I can't do it any more.' more on this story

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Joel McIver Discusses New Randy Rhoads Biography
(Gibson) Joel McIver has just released a comprehensive biography on late guitar legend Randy Rhoads. Crazy Train: The High Life and Tragic Death of Randy Rhoads traces the guitarist's life from his early years in North Hollywood, California, where his mother ran a successful music school, to his final tour with the Prince of Darkness.

Why did you choose to write a book about Randy Rhoads? Randy's is the quintessential rock and roll tragedy. We never saw him at his best, simply because he didn't get to live long enough to reach the peak of his talent. Although his legacy has been celebrated with the occasional release—and, of course, his music lives on—there has never been a really in-depth book about him that goes deep into his talent as a guitarist. That was my objective, and—thanks largely to the many kind people (such as your good self!) who helped out—I'm hoping I got it right.

As you were researching Randy's life and career, what was the biggest surprise? Apart from the fact that he'd never used a whammy bar until he got his Sandoval V—he was all over the place with it at first—he used to double-track a lot of his solos so precisely that you'd never be able to hear the second track!

What is Randy Rhoads' place in rock history? Randy should be remembered as the man who launched Ozzy's solo career, who came up with the Jackson sharkfin shape, and who showed every budding rock star that you can come out of nowhere, be an instant celebrity and still be one of the most decent people who ever lived. His early death is still a huge loss. more on this story

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Prince Slams Digital Music
(Gibson) Controversial singer, songwriter and performer Prince has been discussing his feelings about digital music.

Well known for campaigning on Internet copyright issues ("It's like the gold rush out there. Or a carjacking. There's no boundaries."), Prince is no fan of digital music.

He said: "I personally can't stand digital music. You're getting sound in bits. It affects a different place in your brain. When you play it back, you can't feel anything. We're analog people, not digital." more on this story

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Puscifer Album and Tour Coming
Tool/A Perfect Circle mastermind Maynard James Keenan's other group Puscifer will release Conditions of My Parole on Oct. 18 via Puscifer Entertainment. A North American tour kicks off in early November

"Man Overboard," the first single from the album, will be available via iTunes and other digital service providers on July 19.

"The Verde Valley is an intrinsic part of what Puscifer is," explains Keenan. "It's equal parts Twilight Zone, Mayberry and Road Warrior. The ghosts and aliens, Republicans and Democrats, cowboys and artists living side by side with hostile creatures such as scorpions, spiders, rattlesnakes, javelina and hippies are just a few of the spicy ingredients that give Conditions of My Parole its unique flavor."
more on this story

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Slipknot's Corey Taylor To Discuss His Sins
Roadrunner have announced that Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor will discuss his upcoming book "Seven Deadly Sins," in an online interview.

The three part interview is set to premiere on Corey Taylor's official website,, on July 5th.

Here are the details Roadrunner sent over: "I've been threatening to write a book for a long time, but since every Tom, Dick and Harry writes an autobiography, I didn't want to just do that. My approach to writing is the same as my approach to music: I don't want to do what everybody else is doing," says Slipknot and Stone Sour front man Corey Taylor about his upcoming book, Seven Deadly Sins. more on this story

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Happy Birthday Jeff Beck
(Gibson) Jeff Beck is one of the most versatile guitarists in music. A Rock and Roll Hall of Famer twice over (as a Yardbird and a solo artist), Beck has worked in rock, blues, jazz and other genres – often blending them together effortlessly. But where did this guitar guru first realize his love of music?

He was born Geoffrey Arnold Beck to Arnold and Ethel Beck in Wallington, England on this day in 1944. One of his first musical memories was hearing Les Paul and Mary Ford play "High How the Moon" on television.

"I think I was six. We're talking about 1950. And there was a signature tune to a weekly [program], 'How High to the Moon,'" Beck told in 2010. "And I remember sitting up and listening to it at night and my mom said, 'Don't get too excited, it's all done with tricks.' [Laughs] So that was first introduction to it. And from the minute she told me not to take it serious, I took it seriously."

Indeed he did. His interest in music led him to sing in the church choir at the age of 10, and then explore the guitar in his teenage years. Inspired by Les Paul, Beck learned to play a borrowed guitar, before setting out to build an electric instrument of his own. His first attempt consisted of a bunch of cigar boxes stuck together for the guitar's body and a fence post for the neck. He painted on the fret lines. more on this story

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Sammy Hagar Releases Limited Edition Guitar
(hennemusic) Before fans can get a hold of the new Chickenfoot album (due later this year), they can get their hands on something just as powerful: Gibson USA introduces the Limited Edition Sammy Hagar Explorer.

Crafted in the image of the original Explorer of 1958 — a guitar that was blindingly ahead of its time back in the day — and graced with an original blend of Sammy's Red Rocker and Chickenfoot styling, the Sammy Hagar Explorer is an eye-catching axe from every angle, and equipped for everything from searing to sublime tonal adventures, too.

Like every great electric guitar from Gibson USA, the Sammy Hagar Explorer begins with a foundation of supreme tonewoods. The body is crafted from solid mahogany and dressed with a cream binding—an elegant touch for an Explorer. It is dressed in Gibson's unique "Red Rocker" finish in hand-sprayed high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer, and adorned with a secret "ghost image" of the Chickenfoot logo randomly placed on the back, an emblem that can only be seen when viewed from a particular angle in the right light. more on this story

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Glen Campbell Plans Farewell Tour and Star-Packed Album
Yesterday we told you that music legend Glen Campbell is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Today we have the details about his farewell album and tour:

Surfdog Records has announced the upcoming release of Ghost On The Canvas, the remarkable new album from the legendary Glen Campbell. The album - which marks the iconic singer/guitarist/songwriter's final studio recording - arrives everywhere on August 30th.

Ghost On The Canvas sees Campbell capping his brilliant career with one of his most moving and energized works to date, a powerfully emotional song cycle that sees him accompanied by a truly dazzling line-up of songwriters and musicians. Among the tunesmiths contributing original songs to the collection are such modern luminaries as Paul Westerberg, Jakob Dylan, Robert Pollard, and Teddy Thompson, backed by a roster of players that includes Chris Isaak, Dick Dale, Billy Corgan, Brian Setzer, Rick Nielsen, Roger Manning, and The Dandy Warhols. The album is produced by Julian Raymond, who also co-wrote a number of new songs with Campbell. more on this story

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Lou Reed DVD Details
(Noble) Lou Reed has revealed the tracklisting of his forthcoming DVD "Lollapalooza Live", filmed at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago on August 9th, 2009.

The DVD, released in the UK and Europe on Monday August 1st, boasts eight Reed classics including 'Sweet Jane', 'Senselessly Cruel', 'Dirty Boulevard', 'Waves Of Fear', 'Mad', 'Paranoid Key Of E', 'I'm Waiting For The Man', and 'Walk On The Wild Side'.

The DVD features Rob Wasserman (bass), Tony 'Thunder' Smith (drums), Mike Rathke (guitar), Steve Hunter (who played on Lou Reed's 'Berlin'), Kevin Hearn (keyboards), Ulrich Krieger (sax), Sarth Calhoun (electronics, fingerboard continuum, processing) and Lou Reed (vocals, guitar, continuum). more on this story

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Rival Sons Kick Off Tour Today
(Earache) Rival Sons kick off their European tour today, which includes the band's first ever European festival performances.

Rival Sons have just released their new album, Pressure & Time in Europe and will kick off the tour today, June 24th, at the Azkena Rock Festival in Bilbao, Spain. Following their run of festivals, Rival Sons will be joining heavy metal legends Judas Priest and Queensryche for a UK tour.

Rival Sons drummer Michael Miley comments: "We can't wait to get to Europe/UK. Five weeks of touring and an album release! What more could you ask for?! Pressure & Time is out now on Earache and our first show is Azkena Rock Fest in Spain on 24th June. We are fired up! Oh, and dates with Judas Priest in July. Holy sh*t! I've never been to Europe so I'm looking forward to soaking in some of the culture." more on this story

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Coldplay Nervous About Glastonbury
(Gibson) British rock band Coldplay have admitted to nerves ahead of this weekend's performance at Glastonbury. They band are headlining the U.K. festival on Saturday.

According to, guitarist Jonny Buckland said: "It's the ultimate festival, the mother of all festivals, the peak, and the one we dreamed of playing when we were kids. I'm already feeling nervous!"

Chris Martin said that being asked to perform by festival organizer Michael Eavis was "like getting asked to dance by Robert Pattinson, if you're a young girl." more on this story

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Johnny Winter DVD and Figurine Set For Release
(MVD) Johnny Winter "Live Rockpalast 1979" DVD and Guitar Gods Limited Edition collectible figure will both be released on July 26th.

Live Rockpalast 1979 features Johnny and his three piece band live on Germany's famous Rockpalast TV show in 1979... Straight up blues like only Johnny can deliver, lean and mean. Johnny and the band also blaze through some killer covers like the Rolling Stones' "Jumping Jack Flash" and "Suzie Q."

Also, arriving next month is the first figure in the Guitar Gods series... None other than the legendary master blues guitarist Johnny Winter. more on this story

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Madball Announce Summer Dates
Madball will be hitting the road this summer for several upcoming headlining tour dates and festival shows.

The band will kick off the run in St. Louis, MO on August 8th and will tour through the Midwest, ending in Philadelphia, PA on August 14th at "This Is Hardcore" Fest.

"We're excited to be doing more festivals like this in the states," states vocalist Freddy Cricien. "I think these kinds of shows are great for the genre/scene. We just came back from Europe from doing a few big festivals and we'll be back there in July for more, before the states tour. Europe has been on to something for years, with regard to having hardcore bands on this kind of platform. Hopefully this trend continues and grows in the states. I am one of the promoters of the BnB bowl in NYC. We've tried to set an example for years now with that event. Hopefully, we can do it "open air" proper style some day! See you all in the Midwest, either at a fest or club show. Come through!" more on this story

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Sick of Sarah Leads The Lady Killer Tour
(BH) Sick of Sarah will headline the all-girl Lady Killer Tour featuring Hunter Valentine and Vanity Theft.

'The Lady Killer Tour.' will begin on August 18 in Brooklyn and play through to September 24 in Washington DC, including stops in many major markets, including Los Angeles and Chicago.

Lady Killer Tour is only part of Sick Of Sarah's multi-leg North American tour plans, they have also announced a string of dates this July at this year's Warped Tour. more on this story

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Demians Begin Work On New Album
Demians have just started working on their third album also have plans for shooting a DVD this Fall, both will be available on InsideOut Music in the Spring of 2012.

According to frontman Nicolas Chapel, the band will spend this Summer "recording more material than we'll use on the album", so expect a lot of new music from Demians in 2012. The band

Touring members Gaël Hallier (drums), Antoine Pohu (bass) and Fred Mariolle (guitar) will make their debut on record with this new album, produced by Nicolas Chapel.
more on this story

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Krum Bums and Toxic Holocaust Tour
(Freeman) Krum Bums are hitting the road for a North American tour with Toxic Holocaust.

Scheduled to kick off July 29th in Canoga Park, CA the tour will tear across North America winding up back in Los Angeles, CA on September 10th at The Blvd.

Frontman Dave Tejas commented on the upcoming tour: "Our tour with Toxic Holocaust is something to be feared! Krum Bums and Toxic Holocaust, friends for years, have now combined forces to piss off this conservative world! Who gives a f**k? We don't. We look forward to our cross-over with punk and metal with Toxic Holocaust. No one stands a chance. This is our life and we will destroy yours." more on this story

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JD Malone & the Experts Announce New Album
(Glass Onyon) JD Malone & the Experts have set a July 12 release date for their new album "Avalon," featuring roots rock that brings to mind a young Steve Earle, Tom Petty and John Mellencamp.

This release also features a 37 minute DVD documentary of the band in studio rehearsals for the recording of the album and is accompanied by a 12-page, full-color booklet with all lyrics and personal bios of each member in the band. The 13 songs include the first radio single, "Just Like New" and a slammin' cover version of "Fortunate Son" (CCR).

The album was recorded at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA with legendary Grammy winning engineer Phil Nicolo and executive producer Dean Sciarra ( The CD version includes 5 bonus tracks that are not available for download, making the CD a full 79 minutes long. more on this story

More on JD Malone & the Experts - JD Malone & the Experts MP3s - JD Malone & the Experts CDs - JD Malone & the Experts Tour Dates/Tickets

Psychic Babble Coming in August
(Submitted) Psychic Babble's debut full-length album, My Brother's Ears/My Sister's Eyes, will be released digitally and on vinyl on August 16 via Yenta Records.

The musical alias of Philadelphia-based multi-instrumental Colin Frangicetto, Psychic Babble has created a strikingly confident album that is an ode to his love of melody, reverb, harmonies, classic songwriting and experimentation.

Inspired by everything from the Beach Boys and Peter Gabriel to Ride and Radiohead, the album is an expansive listen that distills a variety of influences into a heady concoction ranging from lo-fi bedroom confessionals to dream-pop sometime in the same song, as evidenced in the alluring album opener, "Five Fold Kiss (Don't Sleep)." more on this story

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August Burns Red Singled Out Week: Poor Millionaire
August Burns Red released their brand new album, "Leveler," this week. To celebrate we asked guitarist / primary songwriter JB Brubaker to tell us about some of the favorite songs from the album. Here is today's song "Poor Millionaire":

Poor Millionaire is one of the heaviest most straight up songs that was written for Leveler. It is the track that probably best represents the name of the album. I don't remember much about the actual writing of this song. What I do remember is the process of us pulling the song together as a band.

This was the first song we played together as a band when we started putting the finishing touches on each song. We started playing this song together on the Fall AP Tour in Oct/Nov 2010. Everyday during sound check we'd run through this song and work on tweaking parts of it. I remember in Pomona, CA at the Fox Theatre we had a lot of extra time to sound check. We ended up working on this song for a good hour and a half, scrutinizing every little part, every single drum hit. It was fun to basically write and practice on a beautiful stage with a huge PA.

Jake wrote the lyrics to this song. They're about a man who is wealthy on the outside, but is unhappy and a complete faker. He may have everything materialistically, but he's a waste of space bringing those around him down in order to try to make himself feel whole. The lyrics are pretty angry for us and at one point Jake screams "you bastard!" which is probably the closest to a 'bad word' ABR has ever used in a song. Controversial!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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