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American Head Charge - The Feeding
Special Tag-Team Edition

Typically we run Tag-Team reviews in the Tag Team series. In that series two reviewers provide reviews of the same CD. In most cases we get to read some striking differences in opinion about the CD being review. But when the two reviews for American Head Charge's new CD (The Feeding) came in, both reviewers seemed pretty disappointed in the album.  We start out with Jeff Collins, our resident numetal guru, who addresses some of the strengths and weaknesses of this album.  Then Joannie Foney checks in with her take on the album, which sent her off on a rant. *Some of the quotes and situations in Joannie's review are not literal, they are made to make a point. So take the quotes with a pound of salt.  But as always if you disagree with Jeff and Joannie's take on this album you will have the opportunity at the end of their reviews to post your very own and tell other readers why you think this CD rocks.   

American Head Charge - The Feeding
Label: DRT Entertainment
Pledge Allegiance
Take What I've Taken
Leave Me Alone
Walk Away
o Be Me.

Jeff Collin's review - he gave it a rating of 

Known for their over-the-top live shows, American Head Charge has used real pig heads as stage props, burned American flags, and almost got into some trouble after shooting a real shotgun onstage at Ozzfest a few years back.
Musically, the band is slightly less compelling.  If you can imagine Lamb of God with inferior chops, Hed (pe) style jams without a catchy groove, and a touch of Marilyn Manson missing the spookiness, then you should have a good idea of what American Head Charge has to offer.
On the bright side, they do sport a few heavy riffs and some decent primal screaming by vocalist Martin Cock.  They are by no means the worst band out there, but the new record has a middle-of-the-road feel to it and offered no standout songs to keep my interest.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a “radio-friendly” music fan just tearing through the record looking for a single.  As with any other band, there are just certain songs that jump out and grab you more than others, whether they end up receiving any airplay or not.  American Head Charge just doesn’t really have any.
High points of the record, or in this case, slight elevations in the plateau, include the record first single, “Loyalty,” “Erratic,” and “Cowards.” 
Unfortunately, American Head Charge will never see the liberty of ‘charging’ this ‘head’ a dime, either to see their live stunts or to acquire any of their merchandise.  Well, okay, I might check out their live show…if it’s free and someone else drives. 

Joannie Foney's Review/Rant - She gave it a Rating of 

An antiMusic exclusive!! Korn has broken up, Jon Davis' new band is an atrocious assault on the ol' ear canal, and those Kornheads need to work it out, I just can't take this!! 
In a bold & stunning move that has even jaded industry insiders gasping for breath in bewilderment, Davis modestly desires to keep his contribution to his new band, American Head Charge, a secret. In an imaginary live televised interview with channel 6 news, Davis blushed shyly as he mumbled on about wanting his new band to be accepted for their music, not for his multi billion dollar voice & former sound of his former band, Korn. I think he said something like, "There's just not enough Caliban & Domeshots on the radio, yet there's WAY too much Korn. I thought it'd be a kicky treat to incorporate mostly the patented Korn sound, and throw in a dash of other stuff I like, but don't get to do much cuz the old band were just too rigid. That's why we broke up. After all, there is such thing as 'too much of a good thing.' These new guys, well, they are just my slaves!! We sound exactly like I want us to!! I'm gonna be even richer!!!! The Korn sound is the only music worth making, but how cool would it be if Korn also sounded like other heavy bands?"
Sorry, Jon & new Co, this album, "Bottom Feeding" is no good. I understand that you can't help how you sound when you sing, but if you're not in Korn anymore, make a break from that!! Go with an entirely new sound as far as music is concerned, don't rip off up & coming new bands, that's heartless for someone in your position! I am shocked & disappointed in you. 
Well, a quick song by song attack, I mean critique, & then I'll take everyone on a guided tour of your new website. "Pledge of Allegiance" was promising, as was "Cowards". Those 2 songs you guys sounded like a new, original band. Too bad you threw that all away to resort to what's familiar. Jon, I know slobbering sycophants playing what you want must be quite the joy to behold, but there's much to be said for originality. Let the other guys contribute sometimes so you don't end up sounding like day old leftover Korn Jr, ok? 
"Dirty", "Take What I've Taken", "Walk Away", "Erratic", "To Be Me"- Hmmm... I can't really recall what I thought of those songs, all I wrote was "KORN!!" in huge, furious letters. Yikes, I hope those new rutted divots I gouged into my Chippendale table come out! If not, you're paying to refinish it, Mac!!
"Loyalty", "Ridicule", "Leave Me Alone", "Fiend" those are the songs obviously influenced by those other than Korn. This is just horrible, awful!! Oughta be a law against this!! (Hey wait!! There is! Read antiMusic for news of the upcoming lawsuits, I'm so excited!!)
Ok, 2 original songs out of 11 is pretty bad. That's .18 of a star for you, buddy. Onto the website!   
American Head Charge, the Minneapolis-based industrial metal band, which had its genesis nine years ago when Martin Cock (then known as Cameron Heacock) and Chad Hanks (now known as Mr. H.C. Banks III) first crossed paths in a Minnesota rehab facility, has up to now been known primarily for the radically dysfunctional behavior of the band members. 
See what I mean? No mention of Jon Davis, but we know the secret, don't we, AntiFans? Shhh, let's respect his silly, pretentious rock star ideas & keep it quiet!! Speaking of pretentious ideas, Mr. Cock, Mr. H. C. Banks III, cool monikers, dudes. Look for a surge in people naming their sons & daughters after you both, ya free thinkers ya!
“We were definitely out of control on our first tour, Ozzfest 2001,” Mr. Banks admits. “It wasn’t enough to just play our music; we also had to fire shotguns on stage and throw pigheads at the crowd. Chalk it up to a desperate bid for attention.”* The Head Charge rap sheet – which also includes getting into bloody brawls with their fans, smashing equipment they couldn’t afford to replace, reacquainting themselves with hard drugs and occasionally being locked up by the enraged fuzz – has served to obscure the fact that these free spirits play the s*** out of their instruments and make brutally powerful music of uncommon distinction. 
Yeah, I can see needing to attract attention this way, in order to hide the fact that they really can't come up with original material. "Look, Jimmy! They're shooting at us, duck!! Cool, look! A pig's head!! Boy, this band doesn't suck at all!! Hey!! Isn't that Jon Davis?? Why are ya punching me, dude!! I didn't know that was supposed to be a secret!!"
But this distorted (though hardly inaccurate) perception of the band will likely change with the release of The Feeding, a seething mass of avant metal, nightmare grindcore and moshpit rock that alternates between pummeling ferocity and passages of all-out grandeur. 
Ooops, spell & content check! Avant-gard? You??? Excuse me while I laugh till I rupture some important internal organ. Do you even know what that word means? Apparently not! Look that word up quick, kiddies, then fix your website before you get sued for false advertising!! You mean, "this seething MESS...", right? The Nightmare part is exactly right. Listen to Korn if you like Korn. Teach Jon Davis with your cash that he shouldn't rip off his old band! There's no grandeur in that! Boy, your review is even more vague than mine!!
It’s a stunning display of primally extreme music that’s guaranteed to scare the hell out of your parents
Well, that's all the news I can see fit to report. The rest of this website just glowingly praises them for how wonderful "their" songs are, but I disagree. And DON'T vote for them for Ozzfest '05 like they cajole you to do. Let them earn that job by coming up with something original.
You also lost your .18 of a star due to your lies & your extensive thievery, you get either 0, or -2, whichever you prefer.    

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