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Killswitch Engage – The End Of Heartache 
The Hobo Review

Killswitch Engage – The End Of Heartache
Label: Roadrunner Records
Genre: ‘New American Metal’
For Fans Of: Shadows Fall
Best Track: A Bid Farewell, Hope Is…


If you haven’t heard of Killswitch Engage then you must have been living under a rock for the past few years (which, is not necessarily a bad thing). This is because during those past few years, Killswitch have experienced a rapid and much deserved rise to fame. After finishing a highly successful Ozzfest tour and a hectic run of assorted other tours, the band headed back to the studio in order to write and record the follow-up to 2002’s acclaimed sophomore release, ‘Alive Or Just Breathing?’

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, Killswitch are another one of those  hardcore-meet-melody acts, but - unlike most – they manage to pull it off with style, finesse and even credibility. If you’re still having trouble imagining their music in your limited-capacity mind, think of Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall and Soilwork, with more softer, melodic passages acting as bridges between chunky-arsed metal riffing and catchy double-kick drumming patterns.
Since the last album, the Killswitch boys have a few major changes. Gone now is vocalist Jesse Leech (who left the band literally two weeks after the completion of AOJB), replaced now with Howard Jones (formerly of Blood Has Been Shed), bringing with him Blood Has Been Shed’s ex-drummer Justin Foley. 

Oddly enough, old fans couldn’t have hoped for a better result. Despite losing a major band member, Killswitch sound tighter, harder, and more at ease than ever before. Stylistically the band has refused to change one iota – to some minor detriment. While Killswitch has been hailed by the majority of mainstream media as the forefront of the ‘New Wave Of American Metal’, the major drawback for playing easily identifiable, mid-tempo metal can be heard after several spins of the disc. How many riffs-against-double-bass can the band create without sound derivative? How does one stop a fairly predictable structure from forcing the band into a spiral of uncreative, sterile, indifference?
With ‘The End Of Heartache’, Killswitch have hit the metal-listening public with another solid release. While not groundbreaking as such, the refinement of style has brought the guys another step forward in the mainstream metal world. The single flaw on the album however, lies in the over-use of dramatized, emotion-laden choruses. While Dutkiewicz’s production has assisted by means of layering and dynamic vocal chords, some melodic passages come off as too emo-core for this particular metal head.
Slowly all the choruses begin to sound exactly like the one from the track previous - and with that comes an element of predictability that I have managed to develop certain distaste for. From a fan’s point-of-view, the band has not failed to evolve to the detriment of their style – but from a music critic’s viewpoint – taking the entire metal scene into account – Killswitch only represent a new breed of bastardized, hardcore-emo nu-metallers.
At times the album cites moments of genius, but at others the music slips into a painful cycle of mediocratic formula. In these down periods emotion and power take a backseat to complexity and repetition, giving an almost claustrophobic effect. Killswitch have obviously thrust themselves into the catch 22 situation of changing-without-change – their success to date relying so heavily on their signature entrapping formulaic sound that will soon seal their downfall. 
No doubt, fans will praise this album as they did the last, but those who were not wooed by the catchy bursts of melody between the grinding guitar work from the first two albums are unlikely to change their minds. 

CD Info and Links

1.A Bid Farewell 
2.Take This Oath 
3.When Darkness Falls 
4.Rose Of Sharyn 
6.Breathe Life 
7.The End Of Heartache 
9.World Ablaze 
10.And Embers Rise 
11.Wasted Sacrifice 
12.Hope Is...
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Fan Speak - Your Turn, What do you think?

They call you 
What do you think ?:

Fan Speak:

Posted by Jon:
I think both albums are great, but "The End Of Heartache" is more melodic than "Alive Or Just Breathing". And the guitar riffs are pretty much cooler than the riffs from the old album, the singing melodies are amazing, they stay in your head after hearing it for the first time! Leech was the better singer, but Howard is the better screamer. Wow man. What a voice. What a brutality. especially the beginning of "When Darkness Falls" is incredible, sounds for the first few seconds like a death-metal band!
"Rose Of Sharyn" is an excellent song and one of my favourites. I say songs 1 - 8 are excellent,fantastic. No one could have done it better.tracks 9 - 12 are also pretty cool but not as striking as the this album.This Is sick production. KSE 4-Life.

Posted by Life to Lifeless:
Anyone who thinks that howard jones is better than jesse leach is smokin crack... leach can spit it way harder with so much energy and emotion than jones could ever do. Listen to Alive or Just Breathing. It's nothing but raw insanity wrapped in ****ing chaos. The only reason leach left was because he couldn't maintain his vocals every night on tour, it wasn't because they found howard or anything like that. Leach is ****ing god

Posted by kong:
man all ****ing killswitch engage are the ****in tits i seen um 4 time thay got better every time

Posted by kong:
man all ****ing killswitch engage are the ****in tits i seen um 4 time thay got better every time

Posted by Donkey Schlong:
This cd is very well made, but to be honest, Jesse Leach put more of a raw feeling to it. Howard Jones is grace to black people all around. Its all good. You want good KsE? Get Alive or Just Breathing?

Posted by Irreversal:
Element of One i couldn't agree more about AOJB

Posted by KsE_4ever:
I saw them with Slipknot Jan 8 2005. It was fantastic. No metal band can be better than KsE.

Posted by Element of One:
Terrible album, NOTHING can match KSE's prrevious album 'Alive Or Just Breathing'/ That ablum blew metal right outta the water. That album was the best album recorded EVER in metal history.

Posted by ozzyiz:
the end of Heartache could save the world.....Not Kidding

Posted by The MEtal Lord:
What turned me on to this was the fact that Kerry King had said Killswitch is one of his favorite bands so i looked theam up and they are good it's not what you would expect Kerry King to listin too but it's some good stuff alawys feel better after listing to it. Metal Rules!!

Posted by Irreversal:
Heavy_Arms i agree that Jesse is good but not about Howard

Posted by Irreversal:
Heavy_Arms i agree that Jesse is good but not about Howrad

Posted by liquid:
wat can i say sutch a wiked band

Posted by Heavy_Arms:
First of all,I loved The End of Heartache Cd.I agree with most people when they say that The End of Heartache is the best album KsE has ever made.Now about the issue of Howard Jones Vs. Jesse David Leach. Both of them are awesome singers,Jesse is awesome at what he does and the same goes for Howard.If you guys truly believe in KsE and if you believe that they can triumph,I think that fighting over who's the best singer that Killswitch Engage has vever had is a bit out the question.Instead of fighting over it,support the group, cause those guys are tearing their asses out there bringing us the awesome music we have came to love.So come on people,wake up to the reality and be the fans that really are there for KsE and it doesn't matter who sings well as long that the group keeps going strong,nothing else matters.KsE RULES ALL!!!

Posted by Viking:
As I said I would, let me tell you about the Jager show with KsE and Slayer. First and foremost, I am now a huge Howard jones fan, his stage presence and vocals are incredible live. I really think that KsE just made 2 better cd's with jesse than the one they did with Howard. Anyway, howard was sick even on older stuff. The second song they did was Numbered Days, and it was out of control. I'm telling all you Howard haters, listen to him sing Jesse's songs and you will be f+cking pumped. Don't get me wrong, I still would love to see Jesse come back, but if I kave to settle for anyone, it is definetly gonna be Howard Jones. On a related note, the -the jager tour- Slayer is the sickest band ever, I really wish that I had known their material better, because they will blow ANYONE out of the water. Those guys rock the f+cking house. And one more thing- Mastodon was suprisingly(I say suprisingly because i have never heard them before) good. They rocked it right and were pretty cool on stage.

Posted by Sniper:
Have you heard Jess Leaches new band, what the f**k was he thinking leaving KSE. His new band seemless is absolutely horrific, they sound like a s***y version of soundgarden. Jess you dont have to go back to KSE because Howard is the man for the job even though you were f*****g amazing, but get out of that s**t your in now and go back to your metal roots man.

Posted by Sniper:
KSE Is the greatest metal band in recent history. There old stuff is awesome, but there new stuff is out of the world. Props to Howard Jones for coming into a new band and tearing the s**t up. THe new c.d. is truly an amazing album.

Posted by Steve:

Posted by ANGIE:
I guess I've been living under a rock because I just recently discovered this group. I'd like to hear all of you "trash" talkers try to sing like Howard. Their latest is awesome!

Posted by Irreversal:
Killswitch Engage is "Unawesomeless" and Jesse Leach is better at singing then Howard.

Posted by balls:
This album kicks ass!

Posted by jamie:
i think it's good but not as good as their old stuff

Posted by Jac.,.:
I don't want to overdue this with a bunch of the same stuff everyone else has written.,. So! I will just say that Jesse is held higher in my eyes as a vocalist. I think he sings better and screams better. It took a long tedious period of listening to this new c.d.(The End Of Heartache)to get comfortable with Howard. I thought he was a little bit to "rock n' roll" and not enough "KsE." The way his voice sounds so hollow when he sings and the way he vibratos the end of nearly every extended note. But that is his style. One day I woke up and listened to this new one and... That was it!! I love the c.d. and can't wait to see this new line up live. I can't wait to see where they go from here. Although, in wishful thinking, I want to hear more from Jesse David Leach! Thank you and... If you like good music, buy this album!

Posted by brandon:
hey killswitch i went to your concert in kentucky you kicked everyons ass their you should of kick those sucirty grads ass for thoring all your fans down i wish i could of been up frount to see you better peace

Posted by Pro Musician:
I am a classically trained and formally educated guitarist and have been playing for about 20 years now (now 32 years old). Not bragging, just letting you know my opinion based on this. From that standpoint, I have always had a love for progressive-type metal music even though it freaks my friends out. Hearing this band is quite amazing. No doubt, their guitarists are melodic, innovative and have their own sound. This singer displays ranges reminiscent of an opera singer, to a front-man of a metal band. This is a refreshing sound among the many out there who demonstrate they can growl with the best of them. The lyrics are deep and provoke thought. (Unlike the band wagon anti government anti Bush sound emerging and becoming so cliché). No doubt a band like this will inspire thousands of kids to pick up that guitar, bass or learn how the play the drums. Will they ever be as popular as some other bands? Who knows, but this band depicts true musicianship. I can only appreciate their sound and talent when I am listening. Having learned many styles of guitar, I can tell you thee guys incorporate many! Hearing it all comes together is art. The End of Heartache is a masterpiece!

Posted by Moose:
hey killswitch is the most kickass group i have ever heard of they are music

Posted by Moses:
I feel Killswitch Engage is one of the best metal bands around. This cd is fantastic. Killswitch also puts on one heck of a show.

Posted by Viking:
I've tried. I just cannot get into the new cd. I feel that jesse's range brought so much more energy to thier music and the new songs just seem the same over and over, but I heard that howard kicks ass live, so when the jager tour comes around we'll see.

Posted by Irreversal :
I think Lifeless Brooder 21 is a Fool to say that Howard is a better singer than Jesse. Its the opposite if you ask me. Howard is to busy singing in monotone (if you compare him with Jesse) he only sings well in "When Darkness Falls, Rose Of Sharyn, and End Of Heartache". Jesse on the other hand is heaps good and can sing at different paces, not the same in almost every song. Ace- I agree noticed the difference with the new album too, but its more like an improvement then a difference. My fave song is Take This Oath. In AOJB My fave song was Self-revolution, Ace that song isn't slow, and i don't think there was chunky riffs either, i love em. Yes the new album is faster, but its cuz they have improved, you know experience, but your comments are interesting to read, hope you'll manage to read mine, with all the others on this page. Killswitch Engage is my fave band, i don't know why jesse left to join such a crappy band, Like Pyro said, they totally stink. Its an insult. Jesse has to come back, though it wouldn't be fair to just Kick Howard out, they should at least have a few more songs where jesse sings, like "Take This Oath", everyone in KSE is Reunited and its an awesome song. Ace- in the AOJB the songs aren't any different or lighter (except for a couple of choruses) but its where the emotion comes in, and its really cool. its all so heavy , it still has thrash and then the chorus with the melody its the best structure for a song. In their new album I hope to here more solos cuz their first was great. I know shadows fall have really awesome solos, but KSE can achieve the same thing or better. The new album is awesome but feels a bit empty with out jesse, like Viking said he needs to return, AOJB is my fave cd too. like in Element Of One, straight from the lyrics, "I will you". I hope he does return to Killswitch Engage. Well thats all for now, Hope Killswitch Engage has Jesse back in their next album, and he should sing "Breathe Life", Killswitch Engage will rise above all.

Posted by mushroomheadkal:
Jiveturkey wouldn't know know quality metal music, unless it came and bit him in the ARSE....haha...what a dork, this guy is! He is obviously a "poser" and has the mindset of a dust mite. I like variety in music, not recycled trash like you seem to applaud...If you know Mushroomhead music so well, why don't you join your JACK A___ friend, HOBO and review the music. First, you might need to go to college for a degree, though. HAHA MHKAL43 owns your soul..MF!!

Posted by mike:
killswitches new albumn is awesome cadence is god!

Posted by payden:

Posted by Lifeless Brooder 21:
I don't have the first KsE cd, but I REALLY love AOJB? That cd rules. I like the new cd a lot too. Howard is a much better vocalist than Jesse, and Howard has a very different sound and proves that he can sing in tune and hit some high notes. The scream he does in the one part of Rose of Sharyn is the BEST scream I've heard in a very long time. If you see the RoS video it's even better :) I see KsE only getting bigger and better as time goes on.

Posted by sam:
On the inside cover Adam Dutkiewicz thanks his Mum and Dad for letting him do what? Some one please post the answer

Posted by Ace:
I don't like Atreyu because they're sound is too much hardcore and not enough metal. Killswitch pulls the emotional thing off much better and Avenged Sevenfold is metal by every definition of the word. I don't care what they look like or what bands they tour with (Warped Tour? WHY!!!?) or what "scene" they fit into. Their music sounds more like Maiden than like any hardcore or metalcore music.

Posted by Mr. Pants :
Ace is a fool for insulting Atreyu. Generic I think not. Great songs blending several different styles. True some bands are heavier or crazier but these blend 80's guitar work with tight riffs and amazing drum chops. Again not Dillinger Escape Plan amazing skillwise but on another level for sure.

Posted by cat:
killswitch is awesome and cant wait for another new album

Posted by Pyro:
I've heard the stuff from Jesse's new band Seemless and if he sings lije he does with Seemless dont come back to Kse. if you like kse old stuff from their first album with jesse you would say "what the hell hapenn with you jesse?" jesse's new band is horrible riffs are horrible. if oyu wan tot check out his new band heres the website you can judge for yourself

Posted by Pyro:
the old killswitch was better from the first album and AOJB was ok. the new album is all right too, some of the songs you got to admit is catchy, but their first album is their best. howard was bette rin his old band and jesse is way better with Kse. fanally they brought a solo into their music even though its short on the track Breathe Life. the new drummer sucks, damn the old one was way better. jesse come back

Posted by Ace:
My favorite track on this album is the first one "A Bid Farewell". When those double kick drums come in (you know, the ones that you could almost call blast beats) along with that melodic lick...ooooh. That's some great sh*t.

Posted by tohe the magic hippie:
Killswitch engage the greatest band since Metallica went down the s**ter. listen to Mikey that kid speaks the truth

Posted by Viking:
Howard Jones has a sick voice,he is great in "fixation of the darkness" but I agree that too many choruses sound alike in this cd. I loved jesse leech, and I am sad to see that his new act seemless is gay. nonetheless, i pray for the triumphant return of jesse to KsE, although that is quite unlikely. i still get chills when i listen to "in the unblind", and AOJB is by far my favorite metal cd ever. fyi, "when darkness falls" is the best on this cd though. jesse, if you are reading, rest that voice of yours and please come home where you belong.

Posted by Ace:
A lot of people say that Killswitch hasn't change their sound, but I can't believe nobody realized the one major change in Killswitch's style for this album. THRASH!! Alive or Just Breathing was a great album, but it was comprised mostly of slower songs with chunky riffing, and then during the emotional vocal parts, the music became less heavy. On this release, every track is fast or has at least a few fast moments. The drumming is very thrash, and the guitars are more akin to Lamb of God (i.e. some harmony leads and more fast, high-end fretwork) than most hardcore bands. As for the emo-sounding choruses, Howard Jones has such a manly, non-whiney voice that the choruses actually sound great. I don't think they get too repetitive, as Hobo mentioned, partly because the guitar work backing the choruses on every song is so masterful. Each song stands alone, and I feel that along with Lamb of God's "As the Palaces Burn," this album will remain strong and be a classic in 10 years. It's great to see bands like Killswitch, Lamb of God, and Avenged Sevenfold (THEY'RE NOT F*CKING HARDCORE!!) bring a classic sensibility to modern metal. Unfortunately, we have other, more generic metalcore bands like Atreyu making metalcore stale and boring.

Posted by Angie:
First of all, Killswitch Engage is f##@ing great. There music and lyrics are awesome and they rock live. The new CD is great. The end of Heartache and Darkness Falls are the best songs.

Posted by Al the Marxist:
took a risk with this one, and was blown away! easily the best tracks are DARKNESS FALLS, ROSE OF SHARYN,WORLD ABLAZE, and WASTED SACRIFICE. in a market full of soulless lead singers and empty lyrics, i have never heard such emotion in a collection of songs since zack de la rocha in RATM's debut album. forget slipknont and all that pre canned rubbish, this is what music should be.

Posted by J-Mo:
I understand the statements by this critic...I have been a longtime fan and will probably always be. But I do believe that what is good about the band is ability to "change-without-change." I can now see the repetition, but it makes no difference to me. The songs, in entirety, are still as powerful as before. Never have I seen and heard such a sound. I'm a loyal Westfield listener, will always be, the better to you boys!!!

Posted by mikey:

Posted by mikey:

Posted by Mitch:
This cd is...holy **** i can't even explain it. the songs are so fu**ing awesome. i have to at least listen to 5 songs a day...Declaratioin and Breath life are probably my favorite

Posted by Syph:
The lyrics make you want to jump out of a moving vehicle (Which is f**king awesome). Rose Of Sharyn was a song done because of a friends mom who passed away. I think the best track is "Declaration"

Posted by dale:
its an amazing album...very original and sounds beutiful. i would recomend to anyone that likes modern american rock metal.

Posted by bubsy:
just got killswitch's the end of heartache of my friend artoirs he introduced me to them. my favourite tracks are WHEN DARKNESS FALLS, INHALE because it made a nice change to the cool rock and my other favourite track is HOPE IS ...

Posted by Hobo:
Hmm I should recieve it any day now. I'll do like a power-review and get it done as soon as I get it.

Posted by Ace:
I have now heard "Vol. 3" and can say that it is different from the other Slipknot albums...but it still sucks ass. One song had a pretty kickass Morbid Angel sounding intro, and then Corey Taylors sh*t vocas started. Ugh. What a horrible, horrible singer. Slipknot should burn forever.

Posted by Hobo:
If you really want to pick bones, I'm allowed to swear in my articles (or... perhaps I do with the Higher Powers disapproval?). I win.

Posted by defhed:
So you can't post the words F*ck or cu*t etc yet the message that tells you you cant post it says it? It's got me

Posted by Bruce:
Absolutely brilliant!

Posted by Hobo:
Much obliged Eddog56. I would like to know why a few songs I've heard blow chunks and a few have great potential.

Posted by eddog56:
I'm really looking forward to that Slipknot review; never been a fan of theirs but this new album is great. Hobo, stellar review as usual, my only complaint is that they weren't any more whiners on here for you to assertively tear a new one unto. This is one of my favorite albums in my collection, but being a big KsE fan, that's no surprise; however, I do agree with the points you made. When I first heard "Rose of Sharyn," I said to myself, "Holy crap, this is awesome." And it was and still is, but the great formula used to make it does seem a bit overused here at times.

Posted by aikaimmortal:
I think that these posers giving the Hobo a hard time need a urine bath because reviews are not one size fits all. You may not agree. This is why reviews are used as a tool when selecting albums, not as a gospel.

Posted by Hobo:
*do you honestly THINK I care

Posted by Hobo:
Do you honestly I care how you take my opinions 'real'? Interesting how you don't have any 'real' retort there. I suppose you must have been either stupid or a liar when you said I like POM then. I'm glad that you showed yourself for what you really are by responding as you did - an tard that draws conclusions from thin air. As for growing up - hell no. Ace; I've been preparing for that album for a few weeks now. After hearing Pulse Of The Maggots and Duality a few times I decided Slipknot were done for, and started a massive objective analysis of Slipknots career (a fall from grace from self titled to Vol 3). However, I have heard a few more tracks since which have made me question my rash judgement. I'm still waiting for Roadrunner to actually send me the CD like they said they would, but hell yeah I'm going to review it - but I don't know if it's any good as of yet and these reviews from MTV and Kerrang don't do much to help.

Posted by Ace:
Hey Hobo, 2 questions. 1. Have you heard the new Slipknot album? 2. Are you going to review it? I ask because I have always utterly despised Slipknot, but my friend and former bandmate says that Vol.3 is real metal, not their old nudeath metal bullsh*t, and that it's actually quite good. Because I don't really want to spend money on it, I need an opinion from someone who has a similar taste in metal. Judging by your reviews (with the exception of the Mushroomhead review) you seem to like most of the same bands and styles I do.

Posted by real:
Resorting to homophobic namecalling. Real mature. Grow up and maybe I'll take your opinions remotely seriously.

Posted by Hobo:
It comparison to their new album it was you donkey raping tard. It doesn't mean I listen to them and it doesn't mean I support them - though your observations DO indicate that you're idiotic twat with a taste for homosexual molestation. If you can clearly illustrate where I said I like Puddle Of Mudd ('like' in the sense of listen to, support and purchase items from) then I'll concede defeat. Till then, maybe you should stop making statements like the one below - they seem to hold as much accuracy as competancy. Asshat.

Posted by real: Hobo not tearing aparts puddle of, that doesn't make any sense, moron. And you're the one who called their first cd listenable.

Posted by Hobo:
I think you're confusing 'like' with 'not tearing apart'.

Posted by real:
Hobo likes puddle of mudd too, so dont take his opinions to heart.

Posted by Nothingchilled:
Easily one of my top picks for 2004. But still, I do agree that some choruses tend to sound alike, but like someone said previously, this album is more guitar focused than the last one.

Posted by Hobo:
For some reason I favour AOJB - but I'm not sure what that reason is. This album won't make it on my regular rotation unforunately.

Posted by Ace:
I think this is an amazing album. It's true that the choruses start to sound similar, but this is more of a guitarist's album than a singer's album (For one of those buy Queensryche's Operation:Mindcrime or any Iced Earth album with Matt Barlow) . One change that I have noticed is that this record has a lot of thrash moments, as opposed to AOJB which focused more on the hardcore.

Posted by Hobo:
Much obliged, Jiveturkey.

Posted by Smitty:
I love this album... but I do agree with your criticisms. I think they are starting to back themselves into a corner stylistically. They need to make some kind of major change and really evolve on their next album, otherwise they risk becoming another generic metalcore act. Despite the fact that it is not groundbreaking, this album is executed perfectly.

Posted by Jiveturkey:
Hobo you're my favorite reviewer on this site, for what its worth. I went back and read some of the comments in the Mushroomhead review and was entertained for at least an hour by the ignorance of certain 'music' fans. It's rare to find a reviewer that includes informed insight and analysis in their criticisms. Thank you again for another informing review.

Posted by VampireRyan:
I agree about this being a dang good album. These guys never disappoint. There is no doubt it might take some people some time to get adjusted to Howard's voice, but its well worth it. One of my top picks for cd of the year. I'll be singing "Breathe Life" for quite a while.


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